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How To Make A Video Game Based On Blockchain

Blockchain promotes decentralization and freedom; gamers can therefore utilize the capabilities of some of the best games to the fullest. Gaming platforms like EtherRokets, Etheremon, and Cryptopets adopted Non-Fungible Tokens.Fomo3D introduced betting and Ponzi schemes. On dAppRadar, there are presently over 650 Ethereum dApps listed...
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Understanding On-chain And Off-chain Transactions

This article shall make camp on two quite common phrases within crypto circles, on-chain and off-chain transactions. Questions that will be answered are; What do they mean?How are they similar?How are they different?What are their merits and demerits? What are On-Chain and Off-Chain Crypto Transactions...
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Investment Opportunities Using the Blockchain Technology

For investors, you can consider two broad areas: businesses that are developing and are incorporating blockchain technology into their system and pure bitcoin plays. Nevertheless, bitcoin is currently considered for use by various companies across the globe, giving plentiful opportunities for investment. How an investor...
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How the Healthcare Industry can be Improved With Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been a game-changer for many industries, including healthcare. Healthcare is critical to human life, but despite this, there are plenty of problems in the industry. There are increasing healthcare costs, data management inefficiencies, and poor management. For instance, the US government spends...