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5 Penny Cryptos to Watch for Over the Next Year

When Bitcoin initially started life as a mere concept to prove that digital assets can transact over a decentralized and publicly distributed network, the few that recognized the potential of this groundbreaking innovation amassed incredible wealth. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that one...
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Why You Shouldn't Overlook Algorand – It has a Lot of Potential

Consequently, most of the altcoins and their Blockchain projects remain obscure, hardly ever receiving publicity. Regardless, several of them have shown great promise in their technology and long-term value. Algorand is one such project. So, what's Algorand? What Features distinguish it from the rest? What...
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4 Worst Performing Mainstream Cryptos This Summer

However, some digital assets didn’t have a good month in terms of profits and performance. It’s partly fueled by the booming of some DeFi coins and the recovery seen primarily on BTC, which led to corrective moves in some way. Still, there are more facts...