Supernovas – Where Artists, Friends, And NFTs Go To Party

There’s a fleeting moment when you discover something new and exciting. You almost forget to breathe as time stands still. Neurons fire, the brain races, and questions tumble out of your mouth. Your mind begins to fire and connect brilliant but random ideas, as future possibilities unfold.

Time expands out in front of you, and you understand why the road behind you has led you here, to this very moment.

This happened to Rasmus and Mikaela, the founders of Supernovas, the decentralized social media network and multi-chain NFT marketplace, while they were at a party with friends discussing NFTs.

Mikaela, founder

In today’s existing NFT marketplaces, NFT value is entirely socially derived, yet the conversations and communities surrounding NFT projects are spread between several centralized social networks, like Twitter and Discord, where you don’t own, nor can you earn from your content and community. Supernovas solves the pain points of the existing NFT marketplaces by combining a decentralized social media network with an NFT marketplace to bring NFTs and the communities and conversations surrounding them under one decentralized platform. Decentralization is at the epicenter of Supernovas’ core values. To stay true to what we stand for, the only way forward is in creating Supernovas DAO. Supernovas DAO will be community-owned from origination, allowing creators and collectors to own a stake of the platform that they are building. The more value active creators and collectors contribute to Supernovas, the more tokens they will acquire, and the more valuable those tokens will become.

Blockster recently had the privilege of interviewing these two inspiring visionaries. Their story is important. It is time for the NFT world to better understand what this super cool company is all about. Supernovas is going to be huge.

Rasmus, founder

Do you have a unique story or journey you would like to share with our audience? How did you wind up doing this?

We started ideating an NFT project at the beginning of 2021 after a conversation at a party about NFTs. We both had been crypto enthusiasts and creatives for many years and thought NFTs would change everything over the next decade.

We originally were going to build an Ethereum NFT marketplace. Still, considering that many were popping up at the beginning of 2021, we knew we needed to do something to differentiate ourselves in a big way.

We discovered DeSo (decentralized social media) and went completely crazy about the potential.

We realized that by combining decentralized social and an NFT marketplace, there’s a beautiful future that someone needs to do – we decided that would be us.

How would you explain Supernovas to someone that is not NFT savvy?

Rasmus: Imagine a social network where you own everything you create, and you will be the only one who can earn money with your content. Imagine also that you can now allow anyone to invest in you and your work, and soon you can found a crypto company on Supernovas with a few clicks which others can invest into and decide with you what to do with it.

Mikaela: Supernovas is a community-owned, decentralized social media network and multi-chain NFT marketplace for Web3. Supernovas is like Twitter, but instead of one person owning your social graph, assets, and data – it’s you, as it should be.

Even if you build a social media following on Instagram, for example, of 5 million – you don’t own that community, you don’t benefit financially from your community, don’t own the content you share with that community, and are forced to monetize through ads. Instagram can also decide to take down your page at any time, so if Instagram is your source of income, it could be taken from you at a moment’s notice, and you might never get it back.

We are a decentralized social network, meaning no central authority exists, and we are non-custodial. No one can ever take away your content or community from you.

Supernovas takes decentralization one step further, as Supernovas is a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

Our community owns and governs Supernovas, and everything that we do is completely transparent and publicly accessible on the blockchain. We pay our community members for the value they create, in turn, making them owners of Supernovas.

What is your advantage–your differentiated value?

NFT marketplaces don’t provide many additional benefits to creators, and collectors have many problems. We believe the way forward is allowing creators and collectors to own not only the content they create, their social graph, and their monetization but also the platform itself. Consider our value-added features:

  • We are entirely community-owned. The more value you provide to Supernovas, the more you earn, and the more you make, the more valuable the Supernovas token becomes.
  • Multi-chain NFT marketplace with no gas fees – on Ethereum (we’ve introduced Immutable X as a layer two solution enabling carbon-neutral NFTs and gas-free minting), Solana, and DeSo (Decentralized Social Protocol).
  • NFT’s in social context: better discovery, community activities run on the same platform as the commerce
  • Creator Coins
  • DAO creation potential and DAO coins

What core values and beliefs define Supernovas? What about Social Good?

We believe that people should have the freedom to interact, earn money and organize outside centralized entities like national governments and corporations. If we can achieve our goals, we have created social good beyond buzzwords.

As a team, we believe in the power of ideas, intellect, and execution. If we can bring all of those together at all times, we will be successful.

We believe it’s time for people to take back the power of the internet, and that is the ultimate social good.

How does one get to be an NFT artist on Supernovas?

Anyone can become a Supernovas artist by signing up at However, the real edge is in becoming a Supernovas Verified Creator. To become verified, you must apply and tie yourself to an external social presence as an NFT artist and show proof of work of you creating a recent NFT behind the scenes. Once approved, you get awarded with a blue checkmark, verified creator amplification in our Discovery page and Marketplace, and become eligible for Supernovas DAO Token rewards for all NFT transactions.

Our blue checkmark is a way that we signify to our community that due diligence has been done on that particular profile so that they can bid with confidence.

The gang’s all here

Supernovas is comprised of friends that have become family. Mikaela and Rasmus are the power couple at the helm, and the core team consists of a couple of their most brilliant lifelong friends and a few new founding team members that have become like family. They feel that there is no better way to work than following your dreams, doing things you’re passionate about, and growing alongside people you genuinely enjoy. The Supernovas family will continue to expand as the community further expands globally and continues onboard some of the world’s most incredible NFT artists and visionary collectors.

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