Stacks Opens Door to Developers with Six Week Guided Course

Stacks Foundation is inviting developers to ‘Clarity Universe’. Through this program, the foundation which advocates for a user-owned internet will introduce developers to everything they need to know about the Clarity smart contract language. The course will run for six weeks and has limited entry slots.

The Stack Program

During the program, developers will access expert-led training and guidance on the use of Clarity. The hands-on training will be open to developers of diverse levels of expertise and they will be drilled on the important aspects of smart contract development. Aside from in-house tutorials, developers also have the opportunity to access flexible, self-paced courses via e-learning platforms to enable them to learn on their own schedule.

Clarity Universe will expose developers to the use of the Clarity Starters library. The library features a set of ready-to-use and expert-reviewed smart contract codes to encourage sharing of code, ease of distribution, foster standardization/uniformity, and help developers save time. At the end of the program which should take developers from zero to full proficiency, the Clarity Talent marketplace provides an avenue for Clarity Camp graduates to access top Clarity-related jobs. Graduate developers are also well-placed to receive grants from Stacks Foundation to fund research, innovation, education, etc.

What Stack Have Said

Haroun Kola, Community Chapter Lead, Stacks Africa (Coin) gave further insight on Clarity Universe and its significance in accelerating the use of the Clarity programming language. He said:

“The Stacks Foundation announces limited invitations to Clarity Universe, a portal that brings together everything a developer, project, or company needs to be successful with the Clarity smart contract language.”

He continued, “A 6-week guided course taking developers through key smart contract concepts and offering hands-on experience with the language via the latest tutorials, a new Clarity development environment and live feedback tool, direct access to Clarity experts and leaders from the Stacks ecosystem, and regular virtual workshops and office hours.”


Clarity was designed by Stacks and Algorand engineers to facilitate the development of self-executing and trustless smart contracts. Through Clarity, Stacks aims to bolster security in decentralized applications and ensure that users are in total control of the ecosystem. The decidable programming language is developer-friendly because it can easily decipher the purpose of a block of codes by simply reading through it. This considerably reduces complexity and nullifies chances of halting problems and other issues peculiar to Turing complete languages.

Clarity will wrestle the dominance of the Solidity programming language as the go-to language for writing smart contracts. It already boasts of some advantages over Solidity, most notably its immunity to reentrancy attacks which pose serious security concerns to smart contracts and are prevalent in Solidity written smart contracts. Clarity also requires no compiler, unlike Solidity and Move.

Job site search platform, Hired reported a 517% increase in demand for software engineers with blockchain development skills in the past year. Currently, there’s a shortage of skilled blockchain and smart contract developers to fill these roles. Clarity Universe will further put Clarity on the front foot by resolving the issue of talent deficit in the burgeoning smart contract development sector.

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