Solana Spaces NYC Opens Doors, “First of Several” Cities

Solana Spaces NYC

Solana Spaces NYC showcases a glimpse into the future of IRL shopping, which will be tokenized and paired with NFTs.

The newly minted “Solana Spaces” at the Hudson Yards held a private showing for media earlier this week, and Blockster was one of the lucky guests to be invited for a private tour ahead of the grand opening. And today, Solana Spaces NYC officially opens its doors to the public!

Solana Spaces NYC

The storefront is located on the Second Floor of 20 Hudson Yards, next to Blue Bottle Coffee. The interactive venue is designed to welcome curious “Normies” who are interested in learning about Web3 and familiarize them to the Solana blockchain. 

I was welcomed by the CEO of Solana Spaces, Vibhu Norby, who kindly walked me around the space highlighting all that is offered. The space features a “Seedphrase booth” where a representative will walk you through the process of creating a Phantom wallet safely.

Solana Spaces NYC

Other stations of partnered platforms include STEPN, a move-and-earn app, and Magic Eden, an NFT marketplace. There, people can also check out Solana Saga, Solana’s Web3 mobile phone.

Solana Spaces NYC

Solana Spaces is selling various merchandise including T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, socks… you name it! Much of it is paired with an NFT to tokenize the purchase.

There are digital tutorials throughout which teach about the functionality of the Solana chain. There is also a full size digital wall which shows on-chain transactions in real time and has a QR code to match the transactions.

Additionally, a featured NFT collection will be displayed in the corner of the store and rotated monthly. The premier collection showcased is Degenerate Ape Academy which is available on Magic Eden

Solana Spaces NYC

The New York City location in Hudson Yards will be the “first of several” cities and countries in the pipeline. The future locations aren’t revealed yet.

Stay tuned to Blockster for additional info as it becomes available. 

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