Smart Homes To Smart Cities – The Relationship Between Humans And The IoT

What is a Smart Home?

Technically, a smart home is a network of physical objects – such as door locks, lights, thermostats, and household appliances – managed through the main controller. Sensors receive information about the air temperature, humidity, amount of light, noise, or movement, while actuators execute commands.

Over the past 20 years, intelligent housing has expanded greatly – and I am not just talking about bells and whistles like wireless control, mobile notifications, or smart speakers. It’s more than a lightbulb you can turn on from your smartphone or a multicooker set to prepare a meal by the time you get home from work. A modern smart home self-learns to better adjust to the user and the environment – with minimal input from the former.

Smart Cities

Smart cities, though, are the technology of tomorrow; an answer to the ever-increasing trend towards urbanization. By their concept, they are also networks of interconnected sensors and systems – but on a much larger scale. And in the same way that intelligent homes adapt to the life of their inhabitants, smart cities will adapt to citizens, companies, organizations, and traffic flows – to solve the problem of energy waste and congestion, achieve greater sustainability, and, of course, improve the well-being of the townsfolk.

Of course, one of the main drivers in the IoT today is blockchain technology. It would not be surprising for smart homes and cities to have their own blockchain systems in the future.

How do you feel about smart homes? Does the growing technology excite you?

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