See You at the Edge of the Metaverse

The crypto lifestyle is about networking, partying, and looking good – in the metaverse and real life.  But to be a baller at night, we need to keep our work hours productive and robust.

The greatest advances in career and craft come when we are singularly immersed in our trade. Productivity requires seclusion. The greatest personal achievements are accomplished alone. This is why my next purchase of metaverse land is going to be far away from “where the action is.”

The plazas of the largest metaverse never stop pulling us in a million different directions. At any given time, an infinite number of possibilities contend for our attention and beg for our participation. Day or night, it’s almost as if we have to just “show up”, and we will be thrust onto an amazing new path, propelled vigorously toward fresh and novel VR experiences. Unique opportunities lurk in the eyes of every avatar we meet. 

Each time I drop into the Genesis Plaza of Decentraland I make new friends, gain crypto wisdom, and get schooled on the latest VR fashions. It’s all good. But after a while, I need to head to an area on the map with less distraction.   


My metaverse pad (I’m not going to tell you where it is located until construction is finished) is not situated in a “prime” area. There are no chic galleries or trendy virtual bars nearby. The movers and shakers of the metaverse don’t get out my way too often. 

That is how I like it. I have concluded that aloneness goes a long way in creating a richer and deeper self. Only in solitude can the state of one’s soul be thoroughly examined. And besides, I have work to attend to, building some dope NFTs in my VR safe space. I don’t much like to be bothered.

A Blockster is at their most productive when they find themselves alone. With solitude comes potency. Just as the sun’s rays burn brightest when brought to a focus, unless we rely on solitude to calibrate and align our energies, our work efforts will become sloppy and scattered. 

Those who are successful have learned to embrace solitude, without longing or loneliness; they understand that positive change is made no other way but in isolation – dreaming and scheming alone. Having the confidence to spend much of their time alone has given them self-reliance, and the courage needed to change the world for the better.

My advice: grab some land on the underdeveloped edges of the metaverse. Time spent alone in a VR world that is starved for silence and privacy, need not be glum. Solitude has little to do with loneliness. We can still be in a crowded metaverse plaza and still feel lonely.

Urban Flight

The world’s concrete jungles have always been an incubator for dreams. As a dreamer, I have been an inveterate city dweller for most of my life. I have chosen to make my home in a place where I share a single city block with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other human beings; and yet, few of them will ever know who I am, in name or character. At best I may receive a casual smile or a cheerful hello. If I fall down, the city will not blink its eye; it will gladly carry on without me.

My Miami homestead provides unlimited access to art, culture, and sophisticated nightlife; however, in a world where work-from-home has become the new normal, it is increasingly difficult to justify the expense and aggravation of a full-time urban existence.  

The call of nature is becoming louder with each passing year. I’m always itching to travel to a remote mountain or forest. The same holds for my time spent in virtual worlds. I may go downtown on the weekend to party, but the bulk of my time is spent on my virtual farm raising livestock and sweating to the oldies with my VR pig.

We may soon meet in the south end of Decentraland, although our rendezvous will occur a considerable distance from Genesis Plaza.

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  1. If you like new and fancy Metaverse projects, also check out Agoraverse. I just got the hint from a good NFT expert friend of mine and really love their concept. Also their lofts are still extremely cheap, even the exclusive ones.

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