Sanshu Inu–The Underdog Poised To Become A Wolf

In high school, one of my closest friends owned a Scottish terrier. The dog looked like it belonged in an advertisement for cool-looking little dogs.

People loved coming over to see it—except for me. For whatever reason, that dog despised me.

It made no sense to me. I had never even visited Scotland.

Yet, whenever I visited my friend’s house, the dog started to chase me. I found myself running for the door like Hotel California, trying not to lose my life to this nineteen-pound beast of furry terror.

Obviously, I lived to tell the tale.

Speaking of chase-happy dogs, a new project is attempting to topple Dogecoin at its seemingly unstoppable game.

But Sanshu Inu isn’t just chasing its tail—it’s running to win.

And maybe, like that little Scottish dog that still haunts my nightmares, Sanshu’s bite may be bigger than its bark.

The Birth of Sanshu Inu

Like Elon Musk’s often-applauded Dogecoin and the soundalike coin Shibu Inu, Sanshu Inu started with a meme. I wrote about Musk’s relationship with Dogecoin in another article.

Even though Sanshu Inu may have started as a joke, its rapid growth has stopped the laughter (or most of it, anyway). Some have predicted that in 2022, it may be the Dogecoin killer.

The team at Sanshu values its position as the underdog. They actually said that: “Victory is a thousand times sweeter when you’re the underdog”

Sanshu Inu embracing their position among canine crypto hopefuls may be fascinating, but another attractive part of the project comes to light when you start to examine the whole story.

The Lure of Manga Lore

Not all heroes wear capes. In this case, the hero is a dog with pretty awesome manga origins.

Manga enthusiasts tend to be highly devoted. And Sanshu Inu knows it. Its internet meme genesis is not the only origin story out there for such coins.

There is a vivid folklore surrounding Sanshu Inu’s emergence. And those who love manga instantly connect with the premise.

The captivating origin story rings with adventure from Sanshu’s website:

“Once the ‘Ethereum Crystal’ passed down for generations originally by the legendary ‘Wooftoshi Nakamoto’ was bestowed upon Sanshu. She inherited the ‘will of decentralization’, which she used to bring balance to the world. Join Sanshu and her friends as they em-bark upon a new adventure!”

Come on.

Em-bark. Come on.

That alone is worth a second look. Manga is great, but puns are the way to my heart.

Moreover, Sanshu’s aiming at the heart of investors. Their deflationary tokens are growing more rapidly in value than inflationary ones.

So why not go on an adventure and grow your portfolio in the process?

Sanshu’s appeal doesn’t stop with manga and a fatter digital wallet, though.

Take a walk and see what else they’re up to.

The Only Dog with a Dog Park

We can’t possibly ignore one of Sanshu Inu’s most unique features: a digital Dog Park. If your closest friends have four legs, this is definitely a tree you’ll want to bark up.

The Dog Park isn’t just a fluffy piece of Sanshu Inu’s project. At the Dog Park, guests can stake memecoins while there.

Play to earn (P2E) Crypto isn’t unique, but Sanshu Inu uniquely ties their project together with this immersive canine hangout.

The New Dog With New Tricks

It looks like Sanshu aims to put Doge in the doghouse. If innovation wins the day, Sanshu is the one to beat.

Why not get lost in a manga story when dealing in crypto? Why not take a chance at engaging in some memecoin battle drama? Why not back the underdog?

I’d certainly rather do that than face that Scottish Terrier again.


Speaking of near-death experiences, check out RadioShack coming back to life through crypto.

If Manga, Myth, and Metaverse is all a little too right-brained for you, and you prefer the nuts and bolts of how the blockchain functions as a technological platform instead, but check out the five questions you should ask yourself before becoming a blockchain engineer.

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