Robinhood Wallet is in the Works After Years of Supporting Crypto Trading

Robinhood has been a popular stock trading app for a while now, and for years, it has also been offering cryptocurrencies that users could buy and sell at will. However, the app never had its own wallet that its customers could use to send and receive coins directly. Until now, that is.

According to recent reports, Robinhood has been secretly working on creating its own crypto wallet, which is currently in beta. Some crypto wallet features managed to leak and reach the public, showing off the wallet app for iPhones.

Among the released details is also a hidden image of a waitlist page, for users who wish to sign up for the new, upcoming product. In addition, there is also a code for cryptocurrency transfers. So far, Robinhood did not comment on the leaked photos, nor did it say anything about the wallet.

The Wallet Was Previously Announced but Without Any Details

Of course, those who are familiar with Robinhood are likely not surprised by this development, given that its CEO, Vlad Tenev, recently shared some of the firm’s plans. Those include adding features such as the crypto wallet to the mobile app, which he personally confirmed is in the works.

In fact, he said as much on the firm’s second-quarter earnings call, further revealing that there has been a massive demand for such a feature, especially from the Dogecoin community. As some may know, DOGE was available on Robinhood for quite a long time now — even longer than on most other US-operating platforms that have started supporting it after its rapid rise to popularity.

Unfortunately, neither Tenev nor the leaked details about the wallet shared any timeline for the roll-out of the new feature. Tenev said that the product is very complex, and there are some tricky aspects to it, which the firm wants to do correctly. With that in mind, Robinhood doesn’t want to rush things or promise any release date only to discover that it cannot fulfill that promise, which is generally a good sign.

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