Rentible, A Disruptive Crypto Rental Platform

These partnerships have been a big contributor to our rapid growth throughout the year. Without the support of so many top quality teams, our network would not have grown at such a fast rate. Today, we are thrilled to announce another collaboration with one of the most promising crypto-focused projects we’ve come across this year: Rentible.

Rentible’s rent payments platform aims to facilitate fast and easy payments between landlords and tenants by leveraging the power of blockchain, and it supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Rentible’s virtual asset transfer feature can also be used to buy and sell properties.

We think that Rentible is a game changer because they help alleviate the friction that so many experience with renting property in the traditional world. With rising house prices, renting has become a popular option for many, but the high costs associated with dealing with landlords and estate agents causes headaches for many renters. Rentible brings transparency to the rental process, which is sorely lacking in this market. We believe they will be a disruptive force on a global level for years to come.

Head to the project’s website and social channels to learn more, or simply check out their Blockster profile.

Check out our interview with Rentible COO Mate Farkas –

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