Renowned Tennis Athlete, Naomi Osaka, Becomes A DOGE Enthusiast

The 23-year old player has shown that she is willing to go the extra mile as far as investments are concerned. She has taken a route that other tennis players did not take when they were still young in their careers.

Interest Influenced by Dogecoin

Osaka, who is currently the defending US Open Champion, stated that she has been exploring ways to invest in the crypto space. Osaka stated that her interest in this sector was influenced by the hype surrounding Dogecoin. This year, Dogecoin’s popularity has been phenomenal, as the meme coin that only started as a joke has made its way into the top ten cryptocurrencies.

Osaka stated that she had been discussing cryptocurrencies for a while with her agent.

“I know that online, everything is getting bigger. I remember reading about Dogecoin… there’s going to be something new and interesting that’s going to pop up,” she said in an interview last week.

Osaka said that discussions about Dogecoin on her Twitter feed had fuelled her interest, and her agent later came up with the idea of investing in the sector.

Osaka’s Investment Ventures

Naomi Osaka has been a major investor in various sectors, and she has always been willing to put her money in avenues where she can gain significant returns. What makes her investment choices unique is that she has chosen to find more avenues of placing her money when her career is still young, something that other people have not done.

Some of the areas where Osaka has invested include Salad Chain Sweetgreen and the North Carolina Courage. Last week, she also launched her non-fungible token (NFT). NFTs is an area that is rapidly booming, and venturing into this sector shows that Osaka is futuristic about her investments.

When announcing her NFT collection, Osaka stated that NFTs and sports are a natural fit that can work together. She launched her NFT on Autograph, where her collection is priced between $12 and $100.

Osaka has also stated that she is not a major fan of the stock market. The star stated that while her boyfriend has ventured into stocks, she is not a fan of the sector, as continuously monitoring stock price action is not something she can do, but she sees the appeal of stock investments.

The tennis star has been successful in her career, which has enabled her to go up the ranks to become one of the highest-paid female athletes. She is also a major advocate is social justice, an initiative that has seen her attract more brand partnerships that add to her earnings.

Osaka is not the first athlete to show interest in cryptocurrencies. Lionel Messi, a renowned football star, recently joined Paris Saint-German (PSG), receiving a lion’s share of fan tokens. Saquon Barkley, one of the lead players at the New York Giants, announced that he would be receiving his endorsements in Bitcoin. The player’s endorsements are equivalent to around $10 million annually. With sports players joining this sector, a crypto bull rally and growing adoption are expected in the coming years.

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