ReBLOCKmiami Summit – Real Estate Throws A Party On The Blockchain

Miami is setting the world on fire during the first week of April. This gorgeous city on the water will have her hands full hosting Bitcoin 2022, which starts mid-week, but there’s always room for more people at the party.

And what better way to kick off the week of crypto than with reBLOCKmiami’s Real Estate Blockchain summit?

Miami Leads the Way Yet Again

On April 5th, this unique event will bring stakeholders from around the world involved in the real estate blockchain space to Miami–the frontrunning city in the race to claim the coveted title of the world’s Crypto Capital.

The future is here, and it’s currently being shaped by those who create better ways of doing business. Miami will charm her guests, and reBLOCKmiami has an impressive lineup on lock.

Real estate developers, brokers, agents, financiers, traders, and policymakers will all be present to collaborate on the real estate blockchain and its future.

Summit attendees will learn about real estate blockchain, tokenization, NFTs, real estate liquidity DAOs, and FinTech startups. reBLOCKmiami has a full day scheduled with outstanding presenters, including Tony Tate, CEO of Litchain Corp, and Yael Tamar, CEO and Co-Founder of SOLIDBLOCK.

The conference is tailored to three types of guests:

Beginners – Those looking to learn and build their knowledge of the real estate blockchain industry and understand how to get started.

Stakeholders – Financial Institutions, traders, brokers, family real estate offices, FinTech startups, and innovators who want to play an active role in the future of real estate blockchains.

Advocates – Anyone interested in propelling this space forward by helping design active safeguards that allow for a fair and even playing field.

reBLOCKmiami emerged from the FBBS (FL Bitcoin Blockchain Summit) and is now poised to shape the real estate blockchain industry.

FBBS Organizer Chris Krimitsos has partnered with an impressive team.

  • Eryka Jemma, Director at Digital Assets
  • Samuel Armes of the Florida Blockchain Business Association
  • Elena Bondarenko, Esq., Gov. Relations of Miami DDA
  • Laura Pamatian, Founder HeightZero R/E Consulting
  • Jason Bennick, President of Digital Innovation Group

Stake Your Blockchain Claim Now

This talented and forward-thinking group understands that this groundbreaking summit will forge new relationships. More importantly, these relationships will have a far-reaching impact on the entire real estate blockchain space.

The reBLOCKmiami Summit will showcase a diverse lineup of presenters and host a wide variety of guests. This event is one of the first to bring together people from across the real estate spectrum so they may collaborate.

The future of the real estate blockchain industry will be built here.

Are you in?

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