Rainmaker Launches First Fantasy Crypto Gaming – How Crypto Gaming Is Going to Be Huge

One factor that makes crypto gaming popular is that it creates a new avenue for people to earn collectibles and cryptocurrencies. Unlike other alternative ways of earning crypto, such as mining, crypto gaming is not resource-intensive.

Rainmaker Launches First Fantasy Crypto Gaming

Rainmaker, a leading digital money game developer company based in India, has announced the release of a new fantasy cryptocurrency and stock game. The game was launched in India during the last week of August to offer a fun way of experiencing the fast-growing crypto sector.

India has made great strides as far as crypto adoption is concerned. Rainmaker has tapped into this growth to change the norm and create new utility for cryptocurrencies through gamification and live events.

The newly launched fantasy crypto gaming will allow gamers to learn about cryptocurrencies and the stock market and do so in a fun and engaging manner. The initiative will be based on virtual reality and equip players with the skills needed to create and manage crypto and stock portfolios.

The fantasy game is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The stock gaming feature will give a real-time experience of the Indian stock market. Similarly, the crypto gaming feature will be linked to real-time experience in global cryptocurrency exchanges.

The game will also reference actual data from live events happening globally. Players who participate will learn how to trade cryptocurrencies in a fantasy world. Players also get to select from the free contest options or the subscription options. A player is also free to exit the game, which gives them control of their wins and losses.

Speaking on this development, the founder and CEO of Rainmaker, Harsh Himmatsingka, stated that,

“While India’s love of cryptocurrency trading has surpassed that of the US and China, knowledge on how to maximize investment in cryptocurrency trading remains limited.”

How This Move Will Impact Crypto Gaming

India has advanced greatly technologically; hence, the new fantasy game by Rainmaker is expected to gain increased adoption. One of the unique things about what Rainmaker has created is that it will attract seasoned crypto enthusiasts and those who are new to the crypto sector.

This will help to push crypto adoption in the country. Besides, it could also help to erase the ill-perceived notion about cryptocurrencies, and this adoption and recognition could help make cryptocurrencies and crypto gaming popular.

By allowing players to learn more about crypto and stock markets by participating in the games, the move will be advantageous to the young people joining these markets without adequate knowledge of how they can maximize profits and minimize losses. It will help shift the mindset of young people to growing investments and earnings.

The move is also expected to transform the industry of crypto gaming. After this launch by Rainmaker, other gaming platforms could also develop similar games, which could lead to the overall growth of this sector. Launching similar fantasy games could draw many young gamers and make crypto investments popular.

The move will also change the notion that people have about crypto gaming. The Rainmaker Fantasy game is giving players ultimate control over their money, hence, reducing losses. Besides, the notion that crypto gaming is risky will be changed because, with the Rainmaker initiative, this sector can now be linked to offering new traders an avenue to learn more about crypto trading in a fun and engaging way.

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