RadioShack: From The Crypt To Crypto

The incessant beeping in my ear made my palms slick with sweat… and then it happened.

My parents’ cordless phone died…

…while I was in the middle of talking to my high school crush.

I was devastated. Cut off from my romantic pursuit like a minivan in rush hour.

As a teenager living in the 90s, there was only one solution:

I had to get RadioShack–the local electronics store and most likely the only carrier of the cordless phone battery I needed to jumpstart my quest for love.

As with most retail stores of the 90s, RadioShack shorted out once people started jumping on the whole Amazon bandwagon. (Not coincidentally, that particular romance of mine didn’t last, either.)

Now, the RadioShack stores you encounter give the lion’s share of their store frontage to cell phone dealers. It’s a sad ending to a once-glorious legacy.

But not so fast.

Welcome to the rebranded RadioShack. And this time, you can forget about your landline. RadioShack has its antenna set to crypto.

Age Envy From Binance and Coinbase

RadioShack wants to smack Binance and Coinbase off the exchange stage like Will Smith did to Chris Rock at the Oscars.

On RadioShack’s website, they aim to “be the first protocol to bridge the gap to mainstream usage of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.” In other words, RadioShack is making a play to usurp the crypto exchange platforms.

How can they make such a bold move?

Well, it’s because they’re looking at you, boomer.

RadioShack wants to cash in on its brand recognition with the older generation. (Talk about a power play!) All the money in the world cannot buy the confidence my parents had in RadioShack’s ability to solve a technical problem.

It doesn’t hurt that RadioShack has a hundred years of customer service behind them, either. Essentially, they’re positioning themselves to topple the exchange platforms like a Goliath.

But there’s more.

Not Just Batteries

Before, you could splurge on a decent pair of headphones at RadioShack. Now you can grab Radio Tokens, RadioShack’s own NFTs. They’ve partnered with Atlas USV for even more flexibility with exchanges.

Oh, and believe it or not, if you go to RadioShack’s website, you can actually still buy headphones.

Apparently, others have caught RadioShack’s vision.

A Tweet Is Worth A Thousand Watts

On March 30th, RadioShack tweeted an image of their insane market growth as of late. They captioned the picture, “probably nothing.”

As a seasoned connoisseur of crypto sarcasm, I assure you that means it’s actually something. Customers appear to be jumping on the Radio Token train, and with each trade, customers solidify RadioShack’s footing in the crypto market.

Apparently, history repeats itself. Or in this case, it dies a slow miserable death and then reincarnates as a hot crypto commodity.

Wired to Explode

If you’re searching for nostalgia, you’ll find it in RadioShack’s logo. But that’s about the only familiarity you’ll see. It’s a brave new world, and we’re all looking for brand recognition and familiarity. RadioShack knows it, and they’re keen to deliver it.

Maybe now, instead of running to a store looking for a battery, you’ll be opening up the RadioShack app and charging your digital wallet with trades from their platform.


If you don’t want to worry about brand recognition in the digital currency landscape–or much of anything, for that matter–check out my article about alcohol in the metaverse.

And speaking of branding giants, Elon Musk and Dogecoin have been getting along rather swimmingly as of late…

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