Opera Goes Into Web3 By Integrating 8 Blockchain Ecosystems

Opera has a great track record keeping users happy by filling its browser with highly useful tools and security features. Opera was the first to integrate VPN, followed by a crypto wallet, and now, Opera integrates eight different blockchain ecosystems. This innovative company strives to introduce Web3 to its 380 million mobile and desktop users.

Opera Delves Deeper into the Crypto World

In January 2022, Opera launched its Crypto Browse, which was an initiative that focused strongly on Web3. The idea was to grant users an easy way to navigate the dApp field, as well as various games and metaverses. Now, Opera is using the new blockchain networks to achieve their goals.

In its blog post, Opera announced that the ecosystems it opted to integrate include Bitcoin, Solana, Ronin, Polygon, Celo, StarkEx, IXO, and Nervos, which allows its tens of millions of daily users to benefit from accessing dApps and blockchain-based services from eight different ecosystems.

The launch will also extend access to the PoS blockchain, as the project pointed out, as well as Ethereum Layer-2 ecosystems, including StarkEx and Polygon. Opera said that this will allow users to gain access to faster transactions at lower gas fees. At the same time, it will help reduce the carbon footprint that they would otherwise leave behind. This way, users can still leverage Ethereum’s security and decentralization without having to sacrifice eco-friendliness.

It is worth noting, however, that Opera did not want to limit itself to a single chain, and instead, it wanted to remain chain-agnostic. This is likely the main reason behind the decision to integrate so many ecosystems at once, including Layer 2s. Opera wanted to present its users with a vast sample of what Web3 can offer and do it in an environmentally friendly way.

A New Approach

Opera started working on entering the Web3 space back in 2018. During the past 4 years, Opera has entered partnerships with some of the biggest, most popular, and most technologically advanced blockchains and Web3 domain name providers in the industry. EVP Mobile at the company, Jorgen Arnesen, said as much in the company’s blog post, noting that the company wanted to speed up the acceleration of the digital currency sector and have it go from proof of concept to mass adoption.

The company and its officials seem rather convinced that Web3 will become the mainstream web technology. However, in order for mass adoption to happen — and for it to happen sooner, rather than later — people need to understand how to interact with Web3 systems and use them for their own benefit. This is what Opera wishes to teach through these integrations.

The company originally integrated a wallet and some basic Web3 functionalities back in 2018, but with the launch of its Crypto Browser project, it did a lot more by ensuring a fully decentralized browsing experience. It now includes dApps, a non-custodial wallet, and even the so-called Crypto Corner, allowing Opera to present users with the first glance of what the browsing experience of the future will look and feel like.

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