Ontology Rolled Out ONT ID, and Over 1.5 Million Users Loved It

For years now, people have been discussing potential use cases of blockchain technology, and some of the most interesting ones always revolved around storing private data that can be freely used with whomever the user wants, while still remaining perfectly safe and protected from others. This included things like medical data, personal identification data, and alike.

While it does sound a bit futuristic, it will be just another trait of Web 3.0, where more of our data than ever will be stored online, in a safe, decentralized way, and allow us to be able to instantly verify our identities at any time and place.

In fact, this very feature is already here, ready and available for those who might want to use it. It was introduced by a blockchain-based project called Ontology (ONT), and it is known as ONT ID.

What Do You Need to Know About ONT ID?

ONT ID is a decentralized identity solution that was designed to empower users. It is trustless, as well as private, and it is in full compliance with W3C’s standards for decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials. The new system is meant to quickly identify and connect people, data, and services. With it, users will always be able to easily prove who they are, reducing the time needed for checks, while still being 100% reliable and trustworthy.

ONT ID offers two products — ONT Login and ONT TAG. ONT Login is a Decentralized Universal Authentication login component that aims to solve traditional problems, such as users having to use various manual authentication methods to prove their identities. It standardizes the centralized authentication protocol, offering front-end and back-end SDKs for rapid integration between suppliers and users.

It does not require passwords or third parties, while it offers independent management of information authorization, as well as rapid deployments.

ONT TAG, on the other hand, is a solution that is meant to enable applications to authorize user authentication results, but to do it quickly, easily, and most importantly — much cheaper than Ethereum. It is a complete DID-based batch verification solution that allows apps to instantly obtain users’ verifiable credentials, provided that they have users’ authorization. As always, user privacy is 100% secure, and the user is the only one who can decide which data to share.

This is a solution that has a lot more to it, and it will likely be crucial for many other products of Web 3.0.

ONT ID Already Has Over 1.5 Million Users

ONT ID emerged a short while ago, but ever since, it has been rapidly integrated into numerous leading products of its partners, as well as adopted by over a million and a half users, as of early September.

As far as it is known, its security, reliability, and convenience are some of the biggest drives behind ONT ID’s adoption, as centralized systems have failed to safeguard user data time and time again. So far, a decentralized system seems to be performing a lot better, indicating that there are plenty of smaller trends in crypto that could be just as attractive to the world, and help drive the adoption of specific features, products, and projects.

One of the most notable partnerships is between ONT ID and Mercedes Benz which resulted in the creation of Welcome Home — an in-car personalization and management solution that stores driver’s in-car preferences using ONT ID, which is used to identify the driver and ensure that their preferences will be activated. This is only one example, with many more partnerships being already established, or currently pursued.

If there is one certainty to be taken from all of this, it is that systems like ONT ID will change the way people communicate with the world for the better, giving us major benefits and conveniences through truly safe and reliable technology.

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