NXTG3NZ Set To Launch Lil Durk’s 7220 NFT

Lil Durk 7220 NFT

Lil Durk’s album was released in March this year, and while the artist is currently on a soon-to-be sold-out tour, he still found time to collaborate on a new NFT project.

The Chicago native is no stranger to hard work, and he has thrown his passion for luxury behind a digital shoe that could transform the footwear sector in the metaverse.

Rolling Stone describes his new album, named after his grandmother’s address where he spent time as a child, as a “chill trip down memory lane, full of soothing meditations on how he made it out of the mud.” The album has now sold over 500,000 total units in the US.

Durk didn’t find success overnight. When he first tried (and failed) to get signed, he decided to make his own label, Only the Family (OTF). This bold creative choice allowed him to do whatever he wanted in music and business.

His entrepreneurial spirit is evident in everything he does.

His NFT project will forge a path for other artists to create in the metaverse and show the world how blockchain technology can unite fans and generate wealth for artists.

The NXTG3NZ Project

Custom gaming skins for avatars are a $40 billion market. The partners behind Nxtg3nz want to push this industry even further.

NXTG3NZ gets its name from Next Generation Z, and the 3 stands for the future—Web3. The founders of the company are Lil Durk, Satoshi Design, and Nexus.

The company’s mission is to revolutionize the footwear industry by introducing digital ownership. Digital wearables will be used across the digital universe while also providing a license in the physical world.

Collaborating with world-renowned athletes and entertainers, Nxtg3nz is leading the way for digital signature collections in both the metaverse and physical world.

Lil Durk’s debut shoe collection, 7220, named after his album, will mint 10,000 shoes. The NFT project offers various utility features, including access to real-world events.

Exclusive member benefits come with owning a ‘7220’ NXTG3NZ NFT. The first is a raffle in which token holders will be chosen at random by Lil Durk on his Instagram Live for a chance to win one of ten real pairs of sneakers.

The mint date and fixed price have yet to be announced, but Lil Durk is dripping information to his 12.8 million Instagram followers.

Up Next for Lil Durk and NXTG3NZ

Lil Durk’s creative personal style bleeds into all of his work. It’s clear that he not only lives an extravagant lifestyle, but he profoundly understands luxury fashion.

“Alexander McQueen scarf for the head wrap,” Lil Durk raps on “Headtraps,” from his album 7220.

His partnership with NXTG3NZ means style, grit, and ingenuity. It’s this kind of forward-thinking that sets Lil Durk apart from others in the game.

The ‘7220’ NXTG3NZ NFT debut will launch the company and its upcoming projects into the stratosphere and provide a roadmap for others who want to enter the world of digital wearables for their fan base.

The project will transform the footwear sector in the metaverse and further cement blockchain tech as the frontrunner in innovation. So strap on your digital kicks—it’s time to start running.


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