NFT And Terra Virtua Marketplace

There are 3 major events that have impacted the blockchain world.

  • The first one of course, is the appearance of Bitcoin, which is the first cryptocurrency mined in January 2009 by one or a group of people still unknown, with the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • The second event, the creation of smart contracts under the Ethereum blockchain. This led to the creation of decentralized DeFi applications, and similar to traditional contracts between two parties, this created the basis for the emerging world of financial trading using blockchain technologies.
  • And the third is the appearance or creation of the non-Fungible Tokens. Better known by the acronym NFT. This last event has revolutionized the world of blockchain because it represents a large number of use cases.

But What Are NFT tokens?

Unlike traditional tokens which can be one of millions of identical tokens, they are based on the rule of uniqueness. Once created there is a unique token with only one owner, it is registered in the blockchain as an unmodifiable record of its authenticity, they can be sold or simply transferred to another person.

A defining feature is that its value lies in an element that gives value to the token, which could give it value because of the art it represents, it could also be associated with an asset like property. This is where NFTs become important as they have brought a lot of real world use cases to the world of blockchain technologies.

Initially they were used to create collectibles in games based on blockchain technologies, and even today this is their primary use. Within the games the NFTs represent a range of things like characters, weapons, or other relevant objects within the game.

What is Terra Virtua Marketplace?

Many platforms have been designed to create, sell or buy NFTs. Terra is one of them with unique features, and it is not just a marketplace where you can buy and sell NFTs, instead Terra opens up the possibility to interact with NFTs in a 3D virtual reality experience.

Many artists have already placed their digital art on Terra, which is displayed for sale either with direct bids or via auctions. It has a filter to view the art either by age, alphabetical order or price. You can also view the complete portfolio of certain artists.

The tokens are categorized into 8 levels and range from ‘Common’ which is the lowest level to ‘Platinum’ the highest. There is no single and exact guide to determine the value of an NFT, it will depend entirely on how much value is placed on it by the community.

The advantage of investing in NFTs in blockchain gaming platforms is that the token can’t be lost. Unlike with centralized games on traditional platforms, your in-game purchases could be lost if the company decides to eliminate certain features. That doesn’t happen in games based on the blockchain, the characters or other assets embodied in tokens, always retain their history, their achievements, owners and characteristics.

On the platform you have a wide variety and affordable prices so that anyone can invest according to their budget.

There is one feature that makes Terra a truly unique experience, which is that you can interact with your NFT token and see it in a virtual reality. With that feature you don’t just have the NFT, you can enjoy it, bring it to life, and that’s great.

Terra Features

The platform is complemented with several components that give you added value:

  • Fancave. Downloading it gives you the possibility not only to display your NFT tokens, but also to interact with them in games.
  • Terradome, something additional to your space, with Terradome you will be able to appreciate other NFTs. All in immersive virtual reality.
  • AR Application. To see your NFTs in virtual reality. This application supports AR VR devices.

Your Token

The utility token is the TVK also called Kolect, allows you to buy any NFT of any artist or sell your NFTs. You can do it either using TKV or your credit card, however, using the TVK token gives you certain benefits within the platform such as:

  • Access to additional features in FanCave and Terradome
  • Invitations to earn NFTs
  • View and have access to exclusive NFTs
  • Invitation to never-before-seen previews
  • Discounts
  • Access to airdrops

At the time of writing this review the TVK token was ranked 364th in CoinMarketCaps’ cryptocurrency rankings. With a value of $0.2847, available on major exchanges such as Binance, Kucoin, and Uniswap.

How to Register

Registration is completely free, just enter your personal information in the registration form and confirm in the email you receive. Once confirmed you are already a user of Terra Virtua Marketplace.

When I registered, I was given an NFT! A kind of nice robot which becomes my property, called TERRAborg and also becomes my avatar on the platform.


For the features and benefits offered by the Terra Virtua marketplace platform, I highly recommended it. If it is to invest in collectible NFTs, you can also interact with your tokens in a truly adsorbent virtual reality.

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