New York City's Mayor-Elect Calls For Crypto Education In Schools

New York’s Younger Citizens Could Gain Crypto Knowledge

In a recent interview on CNN’s State of the Union, Adams opined that children should gain exposure to cryptocurrency in schools. According to the politician and bitcoin proponent, young people seemed to have little or no knowledge about bitcoin or blockchain technology.

A statement from Adams said:

“Open our schools to teach the technology and teach this new way of thinking when it comes down to paying for goods and services.”

Furthermore, Adams described cryptocurrency as a “new way of paying for goods and services throughout the entire globe”, which is why the New York City (NYC) Mayor-elect wants children to get exposed to crypto.

Apart from suggesting that schools teach crypto, Adams also indicated that he could encourage businesses to accept bitcoin as a means of payment. However, the incoming NYC mayor said that he would apply caution “saying “we are going to tread carefully, we are going to get it right.”

Adams’ latest comments emphasize his support for cryptocurrency. Shortly after winning the NYC mayoral race, the elected mayor revealed that he was going to collect his first three paychecks in BTC when he resumes office.

Earlier, the NYC mayor-elect vowed to make the city crypto-friendly, stating that New York will “be the center of the cryptocurrency industry and other fast-growing, innovative industries.”

However, Adams’ decision to be paid in bitcoin was met with some criticisms. One of the critics, who was the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) during the administration of the former United States President Barack Obama, said:

“Not only is this a bad economic strategy for NYC and a bad investment decision, but it also seems like a conflict of interest. Like a Mayor announcing “I’m buying a lot of Amazon stock and then going to put in places policies to benefit Amazon.”

Miami Mayor Takes the Lead in Crypto Adoption

While New York City has a new mayor who supports crypto, Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez, is ahead in adopting bitcoin. Suarez, who holds BTC and ETH, has been working towards making Miami a crypto hub.

In February, the governing City Commission of Miami voted in favor of a crypto proposal put forward by Suarez, to allow workers in the city to decide to receive all or part of their payments in bitcoin. Also, Miami residents could pay fees and taxes in BTC.

Back in August, Miami launched its cryptocurrency called MiamiCoin, which has generated over $7 million so far. Meanwhile, 30% of the reward from the coin will go to a digital wallet for the city.

Suarez, who was re-elected for a second term in office, said that he would accept his next salary in bitcoin, which could make him the first U.S. politician to receive payment in BTC.

Interestingly, Adams and Suarez working towards enabling mass crypto adoption, and they both seem determined to make their cities a cryptocurrency hub.

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