NBA Prospect Jalen Suggs Sells Epic March Madness Shot as NFT

Simply put, they are becoming a way in which artists, musicians, sports stars, and everyone else, really, can offer anything that they deem valuable.

You might be wondering what caused this train of thought? Well, the answer is the fact that yet another upcoming sports star — NBA prospect, Jalen Suggs — decided to enter the NFT sector, this time with a tokenized version of a clip of his greatest moment.

Who is Jalen Suggs?

Some of you may know Suggs as an American basketball player who played for the Gonzaga Bulldogs in the last NCAA season (2020/2021). Well, a few weeks back, he announced that he is going pro. At the same time, he launched an NFT artwork that depicts the moment when he celebrated his winning score by standing on the scorer’s table, with his fist high in the air.

His score took place only 3.3 seconds before the clock marked the end of the match, and as a result, branding him the hero of the game. So far, he has autographed the shoes he wore at the moment and he launched the NFT of the clip.


The token launched on Opensea marketplace, and the auction was finished on Friday, April 23rd. The bid rose quite quickly, reaching 4.5 ETH, which is $15063.39 according to the current ETH price. The token was eventually bought by an unnamed user, known only as D571D1.

While the score marks the highlight of Suggs’ career so far, he believes that this is only the beginning. In fact, he said as much himself, announcing that he is officially turning pro. His NFT, titled ‘The Shot’ is now a 1-of-1 NFT, and it is accompanied by the signed shoes that I mentioned before.

While this is big news in its own right, it is only one of the latest examples of the NBA going NFT. I, myself, have seen other examples, such as Luka Garza — a senior from the University of Iowa — who created his own NFT, offering a number of physical items, as well as passes for events.

Would you be interested in buying an NBA token?

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