Mobile Game Giant Zynga Moves Into Crypto Gaming

This is part of the platform’s developments from its 3rd Quarter earnings. Zynga now integrates NFTs and blockchain technology into their gaming division.

Zynga declared their intention to incorporate NFTs and blockchain technology to their projects. They also plan on doing the same to their products. The company has a mission to achieve such a world that is connected via the gaming system. To this end, they leverage the NFT concept and blockchain technology. This steers them to their envisioned futures.

Web3 token-based protocols have served to this effect. This promotes Zynga in their innovation efforts. It also propels them to achieve unique levels of value for the entire gaming community. The best example is interactions between players or gamers regardless of their physical location.

Zynga’s Farmville 3

With Farmville 3 launching, Zynga restores lost glory, entering the crypto gaming space. This comes after their past projects like Farmville spam and Mafia War, among others. These projects were affected by Apple’s decision to alter their privacy policy. With privacy policy alterations, Apple’s advertisers had to use App Tracking Transparency. This would enable users to choose not to be tracked through apps. Targeting users became difficult. This translated to reduced revenues by advertisers, Zynga included. Zynga’s stocks were sold in chunks. With the Q3 earnings, it is evident that Zynga has bounced back to more acceptable stock prices.

Zynga is best positioned to capitalize on current NFT trends as a game developer and publisher. This is credit to their familiarity with certain mobile gaming ecosystem elements. These include micro-transactions, paid premium material, and game-based currencies.

Zynga has made sizable efforts to get here. This is evidenced in their investments in free-to-play games. Here, players can buy game-based currencies and earn bonuses with real-life money. This enables them to get better gaming experiences. These, among other efforts, position Zynga to take advantage of advanced technologies and industry trends, which enable gamers to invest more into Zynga’s gaming ecosystem.

The mobile game giant’s entrance into the crypto gaming space comes with experience. This is courtesy of the new VP, Matt Wolf. Matt has a history serving as a D20 and Coca-Cola Company executive. Serving in the CEO capacity for D20 media agency, the blockchain gaming VP was always informed. This was with marketing insights and strategies in matters of gaming. He was also informed in electronic sports, developer culture, blockchain technology, and NFTs. Matt also consulted with renowned NFT platforms like Epics Digital Collectibles and Kolex.

Now Zynga has added to its background with free-to-play and micro-transaction-focused games. The company’s entrance to the NFT and crypto ecosystem has long been overdue. It should have happened sooner.

Other enablers to Zynga Joining the Crypto Gaming Space

Their ability to navigate the challenges in their advertising: This happened while Zynga strived to develop their cross platform and join blockchain. Their latest venture entering the crypto space is perhaps their greatest move so far. This is especially with the VP’s addition as head blockchain gaming division.

Startups in the blockchain ecosystem will attain multi-billion valuations. This is thanks to the spread of the NFT frenzy across the gaming industry. In the process, it would steer developers towards creating more stable collectibles to be applied on blockchain games.

Capital, resources, human labor, and even talent have flocked towards the gaming space making Zynga’s move a very timely one. Mark Pincus and Bing Gordon are Zynga’s founder/chair and board member respectively. The two are very positive about the development. They hold fast to the belief that blockchain is swiftly moving to become the very fabric of gaming.

Zynga CEO, Frank Gibeau, believes in Matt Wolf’s ability. He affirms that Wolf will set up a project with relatively few people and achieve set goals and objectives. Elements like how gamers own farms in Farmville Metaverse are causes for consultation. This will require more retention as well. With these elements in mind, Zynga developers are focused on expediting their works. They want players to have the game ready as soon as possible.

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