Microsoft and Intel Introduce a Shield Against Cryptojacking

Hackers, scammers, and other shady individuals used them, mostly for personal deals made through the dark web. Blockchain explorers did not exist back then, and using crypto allowed you to be anonymous.

Of course, we all know that those people still use crypto to this day, although they likely focus only on a handful of coins whose ability to avoid being tracked is still higher than that of BTC and other popular cryptos.

Hacking Problems

Even so, hackers found ways to use regular people to their advantage and earn crypto through them, and one of the most popular is cryptojacking — the process where someone uses someone else’s device to mine crypto for themselves.

As I’m sure most people know, mining crypto is expensive. It requires a lot of computation power, as well as a lot of electricity. Hackers bypass the costs by pinning them to other people, simply by infecting their devices with crypto mining software, which uses infected devices for mining, and users’ electricity, while the coins are sent to the hackers’ wallets.

Large software companies have been trying to develop systems to protect users from cryptojacking for a while now, and now, two massive companies — Microsoft and Intel — teamed up to finally deliver a good, strong solution.

Microsoft and Intel Solution

The two have introduced a new defending system known as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Intel TDT (Threat Detection Technology). The system, essentially, creates a warning when a certain threshold is attained. Best of all, the companies announced that their product does not need any further investments, installations of agents, IT configurations, or anything else. Meanwhile, it is highly effective and able to protect the users.

Last year’s reports revealed that cryptojacking is on a sharp rise. It surged by 300% in Q1 2020. Singapore, for example, suffered over 11,700 cryptojacking attacks in Q1, which is a massive amount given its small population. This is why it was more important than ever to come up with a solution, and now there is one.

Were you aware of the dangers of cryptojacking?

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