Miami NFT Week–Where Hooting And Hollering Has A Home

miami nft week

Miami is home to white-sand beaches and multicultural neighborhoods. But warm weather and great food are just the beginning. Miami’s art scene and lively nightlife are second to none. This coastal metropolis has embraced another industry that is quickly evolving: cryptocurrency.

Miami NFT Week, a celebration of all things NFT and backed with the essential Miami vibe, wrapped up on April 3rd, and it was a smashing success.

Miami NFT Week–Event Overview

Miami NFT Week included over 250 speakers from various industries: music, gaming, fashion, sports, travel, real estate, art, and more.

Miami’s own Mayor Francis Suarez kicked off the event. A huge advocate for cryptocurrency, Mayor Suarez has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption for his city, the State of Florida, and the United States as a whole. He noted that other cities are looking to Miami but are afraid of the innovation; however, he is all-in.

He successfully persuaded the organizers of the Bitcoin convention, Bitcoin 2022, to move their event to Miami last year. Suarez even established the first City Coin, MiamiCoin, as a way for people to help support The Magic City and help grow its crypto treasury.

Miami NFT Week hosted a three-day conference of talks, panels, and events centered around the NFT industry. High-profile attendees rallied their support behind DeFi and Miami.

One of the stars present, Mark Cuban, had great things to say about the host city.

“The Miami crowd is completely different; I’ve never heard hooting and hollering and screaming. You know, it was like a party talking about NFTs, so it’s a completely different environment, and the mayor deserves a lot of credit,” said Cuban.

Miami NFT Week successfully welcomed nearly 4,000 attendees in person and another 3,000 in the metaverse. Two of Blockster’s directors, Gabrielle Pelicci and Drasen Rasmussen,

took part in the event in person.

Blockster’s Miami NFT Week Highlights

What’s not to love about an electric NFT event in your backyard? The Blockster team had a thrilling time soaking up the sun, reveling in exciting innovations, and making new connections.

One notable highlight from Miami NFT Week was the showcasing of a Brazilian meteorite featured as an NFT so buyers could effectively own a piece of this otherworldly boulder.

Another featured the assembly of a music NFT panel to discuss how NFTs will change the landscape for artists and solidify their fan base. Specifically, Web3 can provide wallet-to-wallet connections between artists and fans. One company already doing this is Gala Music.

The blockchain will connect people in other innovative ways, too. One company seeking to do so is Wellness DAO.

This decentralized autonomous organization is dedicated to normalizing mental health care and providing resources. Their vision includes community-driven wellness and group support.

“Human connection is at the center of wellness – a sense of belonging, of being a part of something bigger than yourself, of purpose or meaning. Our community strives to be the underlying fabric of wellness in web3, helping the community discover and experiment with new practices, together. If you’re passionate about wellness and curious about crypto, please reach out and join us!” — ZiZi, co-founder of wellnessDAO

A Final Celebration and The Future

Multiple parties capped the three-day NFT extravaganza. Blockster director Drasen Rasmussen DJ’ed at the official afterparty in the Miami Supercar Room, where Bitcoin was accepted as a form of payment.

As Miami gears up to host more conventions in the DeFi industry this year, it is clear that this is just the beginning. No matter what industry businesses work in, they will all be affected by decentralized finance in one way or another.

There’s no better time to get involved and no better city to play host.

Miami, here we come.


Miami is home to a multitude of DeFi events this year. Check out The Immerse Global Summit before it sells out.

Or if you prefer lighter far, read up on the party that was streamed across the globe, the Ultra Music Festival.

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