Miami Is Becoming The World's Crypto Capital

Watch out, New York! Miami is quickly replacing the Big Apple as the Crypto Capital of the United States–and possibly becoming the world’s central hub for cryptocurrency activity.

Miami’s Mayor Leads the Way

Miami’s bitcoin-loving mayor, Francis Suarez, has vowed to move the city toward crypto adoption. He relentlessly advocates for cryptocurrency and has determined to ensure that prosperity and innovation continue to thrive. He also takes his paycheck in Bitcoin.

Forward-thinking Suarez took out a billboard last year in San Francisco. It was a simple message: a photo of one of his tweets, in black and white, that read, “Thinking of moving to Miami? DM me.” The Bay Area is home to multiple tech giants, but Suarez didn’t stop at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Suarez persuaded organizers of the Bitcoin Conference to move the event from Los Angeles to Miami in 2021.

The conference is the place to be for companies involved in the defi space as well as enthusiasts. Over four days in April, people will flock to Miami to take part in an industry day, a two-day conference with high-profile presenters, and on the last day, a music festival.

The Sound Money Fest will host acts such as Deadmau5 and Run the Jewels. Naturally, interested attendees can buy tickets with Bitcoin.

A Concerted Effort to Bring Crypto Companies to Miami

Suarez intends to shift the focus from fun in the sun to a city of innovation, and companies are taking him up on the offer. moved its headquarters from New York City to Miami last year. eToro, an online broker and investment platform, visited Miami last summer to scout offices. Bit Digital, a Bitcoin mining company, plans to expand in Miami, and MoonPay and Orca Capital already call Miami their home.

Suarez is quickly cementing the Magic City as “the capital of capital.” The mayor has also reduced real estate taxes to levels not seen since the 1960s.

Suarez is not alone. The mayor of Miami-Dade county, Daniella Levine Cava, helped cement a deal last year with FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange. FTX inked a contract with the Miami Heat last summer, and the arena formerly known as the American Airlines Arena is now officially the FTX Arena.

When arenas secure sponsorships from cryptocurrency companies, the impact of digital money echoes worldwide. Major international airlines have been kicked to the curb, and defi companies are taking over.

Miami: The Core of Crypto’s Future

Miami is a stunning coastal metropolis where locals mingle with tourists, millionaires party with college kids, and everyone is welcome. And thanks to bold leadership from government officials, it is poised to become the crypto capital of the country–if not the world.

Miami truly has something for everyone as it cements its place in crypto’s history: Visitors can catch a Miami Heat game at FTX Arena, head to South Beach to wade in crystal blue waters, or cruise Ocean Drive and soak up the architecture that makes this city unique.

So bring your Bitcoin, attend a music festival, grab a Cuban coffee in Little Havana, and, perhaps, consider moving there. Someone is waiting for your DM.

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