Miami Bitcoiners Meetup Hosts Neil Jacobs & José Lemus, CEO Of IBEX

This year, they all converged into one spectacular day!

The Miami Bitcoiners Meetup was Thursday, March 17th, at Heartland. Located on the edge of Little Haiti, Heartland boasts a Miami-tropical casual energy. It has a beautiful open-air space with gigantic Bayan and Oak trees adorned with sparkling white lights. It also has some excellent food. Empanadas anyone? Chocolate mousse cake? Yes, please.

The location and the special guest at the event was Neil Jacobs. Neil is a Bitcoin educator and podcast host. He co-hosts the “Inside Bitcoin” podcast and regularly posts on Twitter, engaging with over 30,000 followers. He is also one of the most listened-to Clubhouse hosts in the world.

Jacobs has a background in accounting, securing certification as a CPA in Florida and New York. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Master of Accounting degree. He interacts daily with his followers and educates them about Bitcoin.

The Bitcoiners Meetup also hosted José Lemus, CEO of IBEX. As guests entered the event, they were asked to download a Muun wallet and then Lemus sent lightning-fast bitcoin payments of $10 so guests could purchase drinks at the IBEX terminal at the bar.

Lemus talked about the Bitcoin Lightning Network, its evolution, and the future of the second layer solution.

The Lightning Network supports crazy fast blockchain payments without worrying about block confirmed times. Security is enforced by blockchain smart contracts without creating an on-blockchain transaction for individual payments. Payment speed is measured in milliseconds to seconds.

Newsflash – the future is here!

IBEX will be involved with Lightning vendor services at the upcoming Bitcoin 2022 Conference and is currently helping restaurants, retail, and other businesses accept Lightning payments.

Miami is the perfect city to host all these fantastic events. Spring fever has set in, and everyone is ready to get outside. The city is buzzing with activity and excitement; vendors are opening their doors to special events. The next Miami Bitcoiners Meetup is a rooftop cocktail party at the Gale Hotel in South Beach on April 3.

Come one, come all. The Orange pill is waiting for you.

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