Luxury NFT Mansions in the Metaverse

There is no question that blockchain, Web3 and the Metaverse have all largely grown in popularity in recent years. While assets like NFT art have dominated the conversation, their luster has recently slowed down as the economy enters into a bear market. Web3 investors are now looking for opportunities to hedge their portfolios, and find real value investments.

Real Estate NFTs Hold Real Utility for Investors

Real estate NFTs in the Metaverse are quickly proving to hold real utility and be the best bet for Web3 investors, as the market is set to grow by over $5 billion in the next 5 years. Just as it would have been a steal to invest in a plot of 5th Avenue land in New York in the 1800s, many investors are beginning to see a parallel opportunity in the metaverse.

While the metaverse is still sometimes tricky to define, some see it as a continuation of the internet, often referred to as Web3. Others see it as a completely interactive and life-like virtual world that mirrors our own—with added elements, extraordinary features, and complete customizable capabilities.

Introducing the Landz Estates NFT Collection is a leading Web3 development agency specializing in premium real estate NFTs such as Mansions, Museums, and HQs. The NFT digital assets are so luxurious, that they appear as if they would be catering only to the rich and famous. Although in reality, the Landz Estates NFT Collection, dropping July 10th 2022, will be reasonably priced compared to your typical designer NFT, starting at around $1,100 USD.

While the designs of the real estate assets are impeccable, Landz also provides the full service package when you purchase their NFT, allowing you to simply create your account and manage your NFT asset across multiple metaverses. You can even lease a plot via Landz in metaverses such as Decentraland or Sandbox.

Why is this so groundbreaking? Because unlike most NFTs which serve no other purpose than being a “collector’s item,” the Landz NFTs bring REAL UTILITY, designed specifically for the new Web3 genaration. If you consider where the Metaverse and NFT trends are headed, then you will soon realize that one of the most necessary assets in the Metaverse will be either your home or your work place at which you will be socializing, scheduling regular meetings, and attending events.

Amongst all the NFT mints happening this month, Landz is definitely one of the most anticipated ones for Blockster—and we had the pleasure to connect with the founders of the project, Benjamin Jarmon and Nathan Cohen, to learn more about this gem.

Did we mention that Nathan also happens to be a world renown furniture designer? He owns the designer brand called Modani. Nathan’s reputation and credibility for his furniture design speaks for itself, and we are truly honored to have the opportunity to share his newest venture in the Web3 space.

Check out the interview!

Tell us about your project. How long have you been working on this project?

We used to joke with Benjamin that things are going so fast in the Web3 space, that one day in the Metaverse is worth months in the real world… So, the 8 months we have spent on creating Landz already feel like an eternity!

They were spent coming up with design inspirations for each Mansion, Museum and HQ, packing them with utility answering a number of individual and corporate use cases, and making them unique through randomized traits, amenities, rarities and art, in partnership with renowned artists.

Metaverse NFT Mansion, Landz
Landz Estates NFT Collection, July 2022

But that was just the beginning. As we brainstormed over these use cases, we quickly came up with the need to figure out how to make them interoperable between metaverses, how to allow owners to personalize them and to further deploy them on communal land that they share with fellow owners.

More than creating simple virtual designs, we have found ourselves reinventing virtual real estate through the innovative ‘Carry & Deploy’ lens, and our team has quickly grown from designers and project managers to polygon magicians, collider optimizers, metaverse experts, blockchain engineers and more. An ecosystem we really enjoy today but that turned out much heavier than we originally thought!

How did you get into the Web3 business? Is this the first time you’re both working together? Tell us your brief story.

Landz is our first project as co-founders.

We are both entrepreneurs and have been friends for the past 15 years in Miami, working on our respective start-ups and ventures. One day last year, we discovered a common passion for the Web3 space, especially as it relates to virtual real estate. We brainstormed quite a bit and decided that we needed to come up with a way to onboard people and brands in the Metaverse and help them establish a presence in the space.

We thought of creating a virtual real estate agency, but then quickly realized that the Metaverse called for its own paradigm as it comes to real estate. In the real world, you buy a piece of land, then hire an architect and contractor to build your personalized asset.

“In the Metaverse, it could be reverse-engineered: you don’t build around land, you build around your asset.”

Nathan Cohen

This is why we came up with the NFT collection of virtual Mansions, Museums and Headquarters. The way to onboard the masses in the Metaverse is through owning a virtual asset first, personalizing it through a number of easy tools that help manifest your identity and your multiverse messages, then deploy it onto whatever will be the next metaverse platform in trend.

You don’t want to be tied to the ground. Your own personalized Mansion can be alternatively or even simultaneously deployed in various pieces of land across the metaverse. The Landz’ Estates NFT Collection was born.

Why should people be buying and investing in virtual land and NFT assets now?

The Landz Estates NFT Collection is just about all that: whether you video-conference from your own virtual HQs using our deployment or host a virtual gallery opening at one of our Museums on Decentraland, the collection is all about utility and is finally a way to bridge the real world with the Metaverse: providing a way to showcase a product to billions of people in one single place, to host an event that everybody can attend regardless of location, to reward an employee or support a cause, beaming your message across the universe.

Landz Estates NFT Collection, July 2022

The same way that Facebook allowed anyone to showcase their pictures and interests on a wall 14 years ago, we believe our 3d Mansions will allow you to showcase your identity in a way that will be more fun, interactive and that you will be able to experience in different visual formats. Our assets give holders that foundation to build their own space.

It’s one of the only NFTs you will keep and one of the very few you will never stop using. This is what Web3 is all about, and in that sense, we hope our collection will become an infrastructure piece in its development.   

Can you please show us some designs of the Landz mansion. What features does a typical mansion come with?

Our Mansions were thought out to cater to different tastes. 

Our Jetpad, is your billionaire modern architectural gem. Minimalist, but maximizing fun and prestige. The Cartel looks like it once belonged to a meta-tycoon who wanted to take over the world, with a cigar room out of this world.

The Legacy is your Fortune 500 Magnate white-house type mansion. The Cloud comes complete with a floating second floor, accessible by a levitating platform only. The Tikki Palace is your dream-away paradise of understated elegance. We also have the Forbidden Mansion. 

Landz Estates NFT Collection, July 2022

These Mansions come complete with their own random combination of amenities, that could be anything from a bowling alley, a dance floor, a dinosaur skeleton, a soccer field, a selfie station… Some assets will also come with Rare Amenities, such as a rocket launcher, a yacht or a helipad, or super rare amenities like our exclusive floating islands.

These are just a few features that will make your Mansion truly unique.

And, in a near future post-mint, some of them will even become playable.

You will also be able to personalize your assets one step further on, by signing your name or uploading your own NFT images or content. All these traits will be revealed post-mint, and trust us, you’re in for a few more surprises!

Our Mansions will be immediately deployable post-mint over Decentraland, Sandbox, We also support upcoming metaverses like Poliland and more.

Our NFT drop will go live in July 2022. You can visit our website or discord page to get whitelisted or to join the pre-mint. Credit cards are also accepted. 

Say I’m new to all this, as most people are… Can a person get the entire Web3 setup through you, like a one-stop shop?

So what we do is actually a great opportunity for people new to web3.

A big question a lot of people ask is “Do I need to already have land in the metaverse?” or “Do I need to already have ethereum or crypto?” And you don’t need any of that with You can just go to our website on mint day, buy your mansion, museum, or headquarter with crypto or using a credit card, and you are all set!

You get your own property where you can easily configure dedicated displays of NFTs with your own images and web links, name or sign the property, or feature the products you sell under your brand. We made the whole personalization process really easy on our website so that anyone could use it. 

Regarding the land, our motto is “No Land, No problem!” NFT owners are automatically members of our Landz Club, which owns prime plots of land across several metaverse platforms, where you can deploy the assets you just bought in the matter of a few clicks.
Just use the scheduling tool and reserve your spot!

If you own land and wish to deploy your NFT over it, then that can easily be done through our proprietary interface, and all your personalized features will be saved during your deployment. You can also deploy over several metaverse platforms simultaneously.

But mainly, the core value that we offer, apart from the building and its personalization, is that you don’t even need to research which metaverse is likely to take the lead or be suitable for your needs. We cover the most prominent ones, and you can always carry your asset into any one or all of these! It’s the ‘Carry & Deploy’ proposition that really sets us apart. 

Why do you believe that your NFT mansions and galleries the best?

First, through our designs.

Developing in the metaverse is actually both an art and a science. A balance between, on one hand, intricate details that make your property stand apart visually, and, on the other hand, a limitation on the number of triangles allowed by the platform.

“Many are telling us that walking through our assets in the metaverse is an experience like they have never seen before.”

Nathan Cohen

It’s all about what we decided to prioritize for the design and the experience. Hundreds of hours were spent figuring out the right balance between low-poly, mid-poly and high-poly elements for each of our supported metaverse partners, and it shows as part of our designs.

Second, would be our interoperability.

In order to be able to work on all major metaverses, we assembled a group of coders and designers from all over the world. But we didn’t just want our buildings to be accessible from different metaverses.  We wanted to cater to the specificities of each metaverse.

For example, our buildings can be visited on Decentraland, but if an owner wants to host a work meeting, they can deploy it on Spatial. Similarly, we completely recreated our buildings using VoxEdit to be able to have them perfectly deployed in Sandbox (a great place to host a party, for example). We also have specialized high-resolution engineers who use the Unreal Engine to create a high-quality environment for another metaverse called Poliland. We are the only virtual real estate collection solving the interoperability paradigm.

Finally, our personalization features.

Our software allows for continuous personalization of your asset. It becomes ever-changing and reflects your own personality. We see the metaverse as a place full of opportunities where people can showcase their identity, using art, but also manifesting their entrepreneurial spirit, their voice in the world or beaming their multiverse messages. This is why we wanted to encourage people by enabling them to showcase their brand name, or their products, all using our streamlined personalization software.

You’re at the very start of an industry that’s expected to be worth 13 trillion by 2030. How do you envision the future?

We believe the future to be full of opportunities. This is the new digital era. New metaverses will emerge, some will fail, but will always be able to adapt and ‘carry your properties’ through any metaverse cycles, thanks to our interoperability feature, our vision and our team. That is our spirit. That is why we believe our products will always hold value.

The same way that influencers emerged over the last 5 years on social media, empowered by record viewership and ambassadors of certain brands, products or messages, we believe your virtual asset will become an expression of your virtual entity. An animated, immersive, 3d and experiential environment that will make people feel what you are about, what messages you choose to relay and makes up your virtual identity.

Landz is already working on the next iteration of innovation that will allow for upgrades to your property NFTs, more personalization features, like your own ‘wall of fame’ of personal POAP NFTs (Proof of Attendance Protocol), the ability to add gamified experiences, or even to monetize your asset by opting-in on sponsored campaigns and various treasure hunts throughout the metaverse…

You can also think of your NFT as a great asset to rent out over time as well. Imagine 100 metaverses in the future and limited land. Having interoperable high quality assets can be a great source of rental income.

  1. excelente proyecto, estoy muy contento con el giro que dio Blockster y también la calidad de proyectos con los que se esta asociando, el proyecto de NFT de Landz Estates esta INCREIBLEEEE, ME ENCANTA LA CALIDAD QUE LOGRARON, se ve bastante fluido, me gusta lo que quieren lograr y sin duda alguna se ve que cuentan con un gran equipo de trabajo, mis FELICITACIONES, siempre con ustedes @Cafecapital3

  2. Let’s do it again and again for the best NFT project and creative team in crypto space.

    Go go go my friends 

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