Lucrative Cryptocurrencies To Invest In The Last Half Of 2021

Many cryptocurrencies – from tokens to altcoins – are released every month. As with any other cryptocurrency, it is worth doing your careful research before investing in any digital asset.

Here is a list of the cryptocurrencies that seem very optimistic.


ETH is one of the largest cryptos in the world, second only to Bitcoin. It is more preferred for mass adoption than Bitcoin. Ethereum is a form of cryptocurrency, but it differs entirely from Bitcoin in both capacity and technology.

In 2021, there are significant renovations expected on Ethereum’s network, and they might boost Ethereum’s price even higher. Ethereum is promising to get extraordinary gains, but it isn’t guaranteed. Thus, you should be careful and have due diligence before you risk all of your life savings.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash bears a historic factor supporting its growth and success. It is one of the earliest and most up-and-coming hard forks of Bitcoin. In the crypto world, a fork means a unique coin that originates from debates between its developers and miners.

Bitcoin failed to deliver all the promises it had made about its blockchain network. Therefore, Bitcoin Cash was developed. It has no other connections with Bitcoin, and it has great potential due to its faster network and being cheaper than Bitcoin.

Binance Coin

Binance coin came into existence in 2017 created by the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. During its initial coin offering (ICO), it managed to sell 100 million coins at $0.15 per coin. Binance can be applied in payment of transaction fees on Binance exchange, paying for some goods and services, and trading other cryptocurrencies.

Since 2017, Binance Coin has made a gradual increase to about $60 per coin. In February 2021, it shot up and reached a peak of $600. However, like all other major cryptocurrencies, it suffered a significant recent fall but might surge. It is currently trading at $330.


Bitcoin has been a heated topic of discussion for some years now. This consequently has made it a de-facto cryptocurrency standard. Even if you invest in secure areas, there will always be a risk of loss. Managing these risks and taking the correct measures will help you achieve your financial goals.

Bitcoin has a price, volume, and market capitalization (40%) over all other investment options. The coin started 2021 trading at about $30,000 and spiked to an all-time high of $60,000. Since 2018, Bitcoin has experienced a percentage increase of 351.10% from $13,390 in January 2018.

More investors are turning to BTC now more than before, with international influencers like Jack Dorsey, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and Richard Branson promoting and investing in the currency. Digital currency is gradually but surely gaining traction.

Since 2018, Bitcoin has experienced a percentage increase of 351.10% from $13,390. The rate at which it is gaining global adoption shows that BTC is a booming industry. As the year ages, BTC will most likely hit $100,000 before the end of 2021.


Cardano’s current performance portrays a roadmap toward success. ADA continues to list among the top five fastest-growing cryptocurrencies. Due to two different factors, Cardano massively looks like a viable investment both in the short term and medium term.

It has a reliable team of top-notch scientists and mathematicians looking into developing and maintaining an open-sourced, patent-free platform. Moreover, it has a current major overhaul and upgrades.

Thanks to these two factors, Cardano’s price and market capitalization keep on surging in an upward trend.


Here is another coin that has had a strong run, although it experienced a recent fallback. Dogecoin has always been on Elon Musk’s radar, the CEO of Tesla, which recently promoted a secondary rise in Bitcoin due to whale investments.

Currently, most of Dogecoin’s rise is somewhat related to rumour and speculation. Investors frustrated by the high initial investment cost of Bitcoin at $36,000 would be glad to know Dogecoin trades at a bargain price. As of May 2019, Doge was trading at $0.53, but it recently dropped to $0.19 as of July 2021.

The coin’s possibility to increase in value is undeniable despite its low trading margins. Some sources claim that it may reach the $1 target by the end of the year. An announcement by Dogecoin developers promised significant upgrades on the meme coin.


Cryptocurrencies are in great demand and a concept that is sure to alter how the financial world operates. Investing in cryptocurrencies now will be a prudent decision for long-term financial gains. However, be wise, and explore your options to build your portfolio and manage risks.

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