Louis Vuitton Launches Exclusive New NFTs

louis vuitton nft

There’s nothing quite like owning something that no one else has.

What’s better is when no one can even buy it. It’s exclusive and rare, and it’s only obtained by winning.

Turning this gem into a digital profile pic, so the whole world knows about it—that’s lightning in a bottle. This is what Louis Vuitton is banking on with their new NFT collection.

The Backstory

In August 2021, Louis Vuitton commemorated its 200th birthday. The company celebrated with a collection of LV trunks and an adventure game where players could have fun, learn about the company, and collect NFTs.

Players enter a virtual world where they can dress up their brand-inspired avatar, Vivienne. There are six different worlds to explore, and players collect birthday candles along the way—200 of them to be exact.

The game’s objective is to run around, jump, and collect postcards designed to educate players about the brand’s history. Players can customize characters with LV monogram prints and colorways. Thirty postcard NFTs were made available to win.

The game has been described as complex and addictive. It’s even been compared to Nintendo’s hit game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The standalone mobile app, Louis: The Game, is available on Android and Apple, and has over two million downloads. With all thirty NFTs now issued, Louis Vuitton enters the next phase of NFTs and gameplay.

The Next Episode

The company just announced its addition of new quests and new NFT rewards. Ten new NFTs will feature the game’s avatar. Players who reach a certain level will have the chance to qualify for an NFT raffle. The NFTs will be profile pic (PFP)-inspired rewards and will be randomly awarded to Louis players. These PFPs will display status, community involvement, and communicate cultural relevance for the winners that proudly display them.

The brand has announced creating spaces complimentary to the game in real life, such as Louis: The Game at the Louis Vuitton family home in Asnières and Los Angeles, but they gave no further details.

The company has found an innovative partner in Wenew Labs, founded by Beeple artist Mike Winkelmann. Wenew Labs collaborated with Gucci on their 10KTF project that allows users to dress popular PFPs in digital Gucci.

The Future

Louis Vuitton continues to push their chips to the center of the table and bet big on the metaverse. Their work alongside fashion houses like Gucci will equal big business moving forward.

Celebrating a milestone birthday with an interactive rewards-driven mobile game is a bet that promises to pay off handsomely for the legendary company. As NFT adoption increases and Gen Z begins to take part in a luxury lifestyle, more companies will look to Louis Vuitton as an innovator.

Louis Vuitton not only proves that there is space for luxury in the metaverse but also that buyers want a piece of it.

Welcome to a new novel world of opulence.


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