Looking Ahead To The Metaverse Bar Crawl

But when can we share a similar vibe in the metaverse?

It’s not as far off as you might think.

Metaverse Marketing: Digital Booze and Beer?

In 2021, Crown Royal released a commercial that took aim at seltzer fans, with an emphasis on the metaverse. Outstanding 3D animation and a killer musical atmosphere gave the commercial a fully immersive feel.

Still, it might please some readers to know that there is drinking in the metaverse. Heineken pioneered this with a virtually brewed lager.

According to Nicole Buckler in her recent article about beer in the metaverse, this digital beer is “gluten-free, calorie-free, alcohol-free… and fun-free.”

According to Heineken, its digital beer is only available in Decentraland. In case you missed it, their presentation unveiling the beer was top-notch.

More than Meta Booze

But what if you want to go all out? As of now, all virtual beer tastes the same (Spoiler Alert: it doesn’t taste at all). Even so, your experiences will differ depending on where you go.

Enter Miller Lite. Or in this case, “Meta Lite.”

Not only did 2022’s Super Bowl Sunday bring its normal array of costly commercials but Miller Lite also dipped its toe into the metaverse by opening up Meta Lite in Decentraland. In doing so, they also bypassed Super Bowl commercial regulations.

Instead of watching Miller Lite’s ad on the big screen, viewers had to venture into the metaverse to engage with their marketing. In Meta Lite, you can interact with games you’d find in any dive bar, including darts. You’ll also have a chance to pour yourself a complimentary Miller Lite.

And just like the Heineken brew, the beer is calorie and beer-free!

According to Jake from NFT Plazas, the Meta Lite build is one of the most interactive there is.

Bigger Than The Bar

Some entrepreneurs are already thinking bigger about what is possible in the metaverse. Alcohol-branded NFTs already exist, but what about a company that completely exists in the Metaverse that produces Vodka IRL?

Say no more. Wisher Vodka recently launched exclusively in the Metaverse.

NFTs for Wisher Vodka are currently being minted, so if you want to jump in, now is the time.

With her team of founders, Kimberly LaRose launched Wisher with the huge ambition of also producing high-quality vodka in the real world. And apparently, they have succeeded. Wisher’s vodka contains beet sugar instead of grain sugar, making it both gluten- and grain-free.

Wisher is already affecting the metaverse for sure, but its work in the metaverse is also flowing back out into the real world.

It’s Enough To Throw A Party

However you choose to imbibe, it’s safe to say that the fun has just begun in the metaverse–and it can’t get here soon enough!

Amid these alcohol-themed innovations, one thing is for certain: while partying inside the metaverse, you never have to worry about passing a breathalyzer test.

And don’t even think about trying to design one!

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