Bitcoin Burning: Live Art Performance by Jules Muck

Jules Muck, Austin 2022

Watch Jules Muck host a live art performance, and talk about her inspiration behind the Bitcoin artwork. The live art performance took place during this Consensus show in Austin Texas. As usually, the show attracted the biggest blockchain businesses and people from around the world.

For this year’s show, we teamed up with Cassius Cuvee to be the front man host of Blockster, and to connect with all the cool blockchain people, or as we like to call them Blockchain Hustlers. Check out the video!

Interview with Jules Muck

Jules: You could find my work all over the world because I travel all over the world painting. My name is Muc Rock. I live in Venice Beach, but I paint the whole world.

Cassius: What was your inspiration behind this?

Jules: Well, you know… the past, present and the future. In the present we have the burning Bitcoin, and some of the volatile situations we have going on here right now. You also have the ancient people dancing, having a good time, and the real human spirit coming out like fire. When you look at it, though, it’s whatever it means to you.

Jules Muck, Austin
Jules Muck and Cassius Cuvee, Austin Texas 2022

Cassius: This shit is dope. I know you paint on murals in Miami and you live in LA. How long have you been doing this for?

Jules: I’ve been doing this for about 30 years. I started painting in Europe and New York back when I mentored under Lady Pink. The Subway was the first book that I saw her in, and she took me on as an apprentice. And I worked in New York for many years until I moved to LA. Then, I’ve been tearing up in LA, but my favorite thing to do is to drive across to Miami once a year for Art Basel. And I paint the whole south, and I do it a lot. I like painting in Texas too, but in more underground places…

Cassius: What’s your Twitter?

Jules: My Twitter is @JulesMuck, but you should check out @MuckRock on Instagram too!

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