Listen To Earn With Decibel

They are the world’s first cryptocurrency and NFT-mining platform for Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Discord, Telegram, Meta, and Spotify Greenroom. But what does that mean for the crypto market?

Decibel states that they’ve found the solution to one of the biggest problems in cryptocurrency.

Since blockchains and smart contracts first appeared, existing businesses have done little to utilize these tools in large-scale applications, in part because most smart contracts distribute coins by farming or mining. And, unfortunately, these coins often lack real use or real value.

Now the team behind Decibel Coin has found a way to monetize the attention of active users in what they say is the most “harmonious and humane way.”

In short, content providers can earn money by monetizing their subscribers. Active users then exchange their time and attention for liquid Decibel tokens, meaning they earn income by participating in various audio rooms that combine business with pleasure.

The Real Question is: Is It Worth It?

The Decibel Coin project implements a new algorithm for the mining of each new token based on the paid attention of the program’s active users. The algorithm is called Proof of Attention (POA).

Active users are rewarded with tokens for their activity in audio rooms. Businesses, brands, bloggers, and anyone else can earn tokens simply by connecting their Clubhouse club to the Decibel platform.

Decibel creates a win-win situation for content creators and audiences alike. Club owners receive 5% of all Decibel tokens (d₿c) farmed by members in their club. Members accrue d₿c based on their activity levels. This seems like an interesting way to generate revenue as an active participant in Clubhouse or on other platforms in the Decibel roster. This may prove especially true if the value for d₿c increases.

How to Get Started

There are three ways to get started with Decibel.

Join as a Listener

Here’s how to get started with Decibel as a listener:

  1. Sign up with Decibel
  2. Connect your Clubhouse account
  3. Buy d₿c on PancakeSwap
  4. Become a club member to gain access to mining
  5. Stake your d₿c tokens (the more you stake, the bigger the potential reward)
  6. Visit the room and participate (the more active you are, the higher the potential reward)
  7. Claim your earned d₿c tokens

Join as a Club Owner

Here’s how to get started with Decibel as a Club Owner:

  1. Sign up with Decibel
  2. Connect your Clubhouse account
  3. Buy d₿c on PancakeSwap
  4. Connect your Clubhouse club to Decibel’s platform
  5. Stake your d₿c tokens (the more you stake, the bigger the potential reward)
  6. Earn d₿c tokens by gathering moderators, speakers, and listeners. Encourage them to be active and stake tokens.

Join as an Investor

Here’s how to get started with Decibel as an investor:

  1. Sign up with Decibel
  2. Connect your Clubhouse account
  3. Buy d₿c on PancakeSwap

The Decibel website also features a calculator to help estimate how much Decibel coin users might earn based on various activity levels. Currently, the payout seems rather small. However, if this idea continues to grow, then the values likely will too.

For those already taking advantage of the social audio scene for a business, brand, or company, Decibel has the potential to add further value.

The future of Decibel, like so many other cryptocurrency startups, sounds promising and innovative. Time (and the marketplace) will determine if Decibel succeeds, or if they will be forced to face the music instead.

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