List Of Best ICOs In 2021

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are providing avenues for investors to take advantage of investment opportunities as soon as they present themselves. In most cases, the highest gainers are those who act fast as the ICOs are being launched. However, not all ICOs are profitable. Some of the companies close or even go extinct within a year of their existence, which becomes a loss to the investors. With lots of companies planning to launch their ICOs this year, it’s important to take a critical look at the best platforms that can give you a massive return for your money. After extensive research, the following are the best ICOs to invest in 2021.

Whole Network

Whole Network concentrates on the protection of user privacy, which is designed by blockchain hardware. Its token, which is called the NODE token, operates on the Ethereum network. The platform also rewards the value generated during the use of your mobile phone.

It also allocates Node ID to every user, who can use it to log on to all apps on the platform directly. The ICO is still ongoing and has attracted few investors yet. It’s the right time to join the platform and own your NODE token.


PointPlay is a fintech company that started operation in 2018. The platform has 10 fully functional products, which makes an investment in the platform an expansive one. It’s a blockchain-based platform that brings innovation into regular banking operations.

PointPlay customers can also order VISA crypto debit cards and immediately convert their crypto to fiat and spend it in over 25 million outlets worldwide.

Its token sale is still ongoing and will end on July 2021, with a total Sale Soft Cap of $100,000.

Roe V Wade

Roe V Wade is offered by RVW Limited as a public token offering. It’s a movie token offering aimed at financing the upcoming movie “Roe.V Wade”. The production of the movie is already done, but more finance is required to enable the company to successfully market and distribute the movie.

The token is represented by RVW, with a total of 5 million tokens being offered and pegged to the US Dollar.


Samkion is a platform designed to bring macro and micro-enterprises together by building a foundation for mutual benefits. It’s a platform that ensures that partnerships between companies are executed successfully. It also ensures the provision and sharing of collaborative economic values. Samkoin started offering SAM tokens on February 3 and intends to close by April 4th. So, there is time to join the party before the due ending date.

The above are the ICOs that have a promising future. Other honorable mentions include Ledder, Tycoon, Curate, and IdeaFex.

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