Kyiv To Host The Conference.NFT First Offline Meeting

More than 1500 participants joined to explore the world of possibilities that NFT can bring to their lives. The event has a hybrid format, you can attend it online or in person. Blockster will be here to share the news coming off this event as its official partner.

After the coronavirus pandemic, Kyiv was chosen to be the host of the first offline The Conference.NFT meeting, where participants will be able to interact with each other and share opinions and ideas about the rise of NFT’s and their importance to today’s crypto industry.

There is no doubt that NFT’s have broken crypto frontiers and are now venturing to other industries, mingling with art, finance, sports, and other important industries. Celebrities, sports teams, athletes, artists are now jumping into the NFT bandwagon. The Conference.NFT aims to present speakers to explain how NFT’s are now relevant in a lot of ways, and how these new tools can be leveraged in several use cases.

Among the most important speakers of the conference are:

  • Philip Mostert – CMO of SpaceSeven.
  • Mathias Lundoe Nielsen – CEO of Tacans Group.
  • Andrey Velikiy – CEO of Apyswap Foundation and co-founder of
  • Nazar Polyvka – Partner at 001.consult.
  • Shirokov Konstantin – Crypto Kombat Evangelist.
  • Vadym Hrusha -CEO Co-founder at Trustee Wallet.

Some of the topics that speakers will be touching on include:

  • Getting into NFTs: What is it all about?
  • NFTs Now. Artists, marketplaces, and other participants of this crazy world.
  • The entertainment world is going into NFTs.
  • Workshop: How to Create, Mint, and Sell NFTs.

The Conference.NFT will also present surprises for the assistants, like virtual galleries, NFT performances, and exclusive activities such as the presentation of their first NFTs from world-class stars. There are also plans for having an in-house NFT auction. The Conference.NFT will surprise you.

The event has been thought of with openness and, in partnership with Pari Match, AroundB aims to make prices affordable for everyone. The idea is to spread the NFT knowledge among all the interested, showing the community is welcoming to dispel the aura of mystery that crypto-related matters have. For this purpose, the team has established a discount of 50% for students of art universities.

This is a great opportunity to know more about NFTs and the world around them. Those wanting to assist can inquire about ticket sales on the official page.

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