KSI Makes a £2 Million Crypto Investment, Triples, Then Loses It – But Doesn’t Give Up

The Story of Fame

Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, whom you are more likely to know as KSI, is a British rapper and YouTuber. He started building his following in 2009 when he first launched his YouTube channel and started posting video commentary on the FIFA video game series. Today, 12 years later, the 28-year-old artist has over 37 million subscribers. He’s appeared both on the Sunday Times ‘Top 100 UK influencers’ and Tubular Labs’ ‘UK’s Most Influential YouTube Creators’ lists, while his channels have hit over 8.5 billion views in total.

KSI didn’t limit himself to YouTube: in 2020, he launched his debut studio album Dissimulation, which soared up in charts and was soon followed by All Over the Place, the second album; besides that, he’s tried his hand in acting and amateur boxing. The impression he gave me was one of a smart, curious person hungry for diverse experiences, so I wasn’t surprised in the least that he decided to dive into the world of crypto – and actually gained some notable success.

Let’s Invest In Crypto

According to KSI, he has invested £2 million in cryptocurrencies around November — December 2020. Later on, he tripled his investment — but unfortunately, the luck didn’t last. ‘I made £7m and now I’ve lost it all. It’s mental. It’s been a full journey, but I had to experience it. I fully understand it now. I put money in things where I essentially leveraged myself and I kinda over-leveraged myself to a point where I lost money because of it,’ the rapper uncovered in the Private Parts podcast. He also added that the main reason for his loss was the Bitcoin crash.

However, despite the failure, KSI doesn’t give up: he’s still a full-blast Bitcoin advocate and, as his recent Twitter posts demonstrate, continues to add crypto and blockchain-related assets in his portfolio. Looks like luck may be going his way again, too.

The Life Goes On

On the 23rd of August, KSI confessed he “gave in and bought an NFT” from A Bored Ape Yacht Club. In his next post, he mentioned paying “over $23000 for a glowing dog” (A cute one btw), and, just a day later, says his NFT went up in price — well, way to go KSI! Apart from that, he brings up high Ethereum fees and ‘the man moving to Solana’.

I’ll sum it with a quote from KSI’s August interview with GQ:

“I’d give everyone £100 worth of Bitcoin — like a Bitcoin stimulus package for all. I’m really into crypto. I think Bitcoin is the future”.

Personally, I believe that losses are a part of the journey – however, it’s only human nature to take time to process those. So I truly admire people like KSI for not giving up but actually jumping right back in to do what they believe in.

Have you ever lost a substantial sum of money? Share your story in the comments below!

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