Kollectiff: Helping Brands Unlock The Full Potential Of NFTs

Kollectiff, Creative Tech Studio. Venice Beach, California

Kollectiff is a creative tech studio which leverages blockchain technology to help IP owners and brands unlock the full potential of NFTs, whether that be via the metaverse, digital fashion, or its IRL NFT Gallery in California.

Tino Vivo, the CEO and founder of Kollectiff, spoke exclusively with Blockster to share his thoughts on his company’s involvement in metaverse fashion, the importance of hybrid models in Web3, building through the crypto winter, and more.

Kollectiff started operating as a venture studio pursuing different projects, however according to Tino, “Kollectiff was always on the cusp of the metaverse, advertising, and Web3.” His eureka moment came when he saw the power that Web3 tools had in upscaling marketing and community efforts for brands.

Metaverse fashion is a primary focus of Kollectiff, with Tino believing that human expression and identity are the driving forces behind its emergence:

“In essence, anything that can augment your identity, or be a part of your identity in the virtual realm, is an aspect of human expression.”

Tino Vivo, Founder & CEO of Kollectiff

In these 3D platforms, we’re looking to be seen- [or] how we want to be seen. You don’t have to stick to the physical and biology laws of our world, you can be a ten-meter troll walking around in a tuxedo — that’s empowering.”

In regards to the company’s involvement in the digital fashion space, Tino reveals that its Metaverse Travel Agency (M.T.A) is continuing to ink partnerships that will help facilitate the full deployment of its NFT collection. He also provides Blockster viewers with an in-depth walk-through of Kollectiff’s in-development platform that will “allow fashion brands to essentially peg their assets with a virtual replica”.

Kollectiff are the creators of an immersive NFT fan experience for English rock band The Wombats, which even featured a virtual concert in The Sandbox. “We started this project a few months ago with the idea of launching a fully branded collection of avatars that are ready for gameplay in The Sandbox, as well as a hub where all of their community could come together and enjoy different aspects of the band,” the CEO explains.

Tino attributes hybridity as an important protocol for onboarding new users into Web3, which is why Kollectiff hosts its own IRL NFT Gallery and Web3 Club in Venice Beach. “Web3 can seem very cumbersome, unattainable, and unrelatable,” explains Tino.

“We needed, as a company, to have a stake on the ground, to be visible to people, and to be a real-life information portal where they can come and ask questions, participate in workshops, learn how to download MetaMask and buy their first NFT, exhibit the best artists in LA, and generate a IRL web3 community here in Silicon Beach”.

In embracing hybridity and up-leveling brands through Web3 technology, Tino shared with Blockster that Kollectiff will be working with a dog food brand to bring dog adoptions to the metaverse next.

Visit Kollectiff’s website for more information here, and to watch Blockster’s full interview with Tino Vivo, click here.

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