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Kitty Grier And The NFT Girl Gang

In 2021, she was inspired to start the NFT Girl Gang and connect the “womxn in Web3”. Her goal is to onboard “one million womxn in Web3.”

Kitty Grier oozes cool.

It may be her effortless style or her eye-popping websites, or that she is forging her own unique path through the cryptocurrency space.

You know it when you see it, and Grier has it.

Grier is a graphic designer and the founder of the NFT Girl Gang. She has a resumé stacked with impressive experience. She’s worked for powerhouse companies such as Sephora, Disney, and Facebook. With education from The New School of Parsons and a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Full Sail University, it’s no surprise that Grier is using her skill set in innovative ways.

In 2021, she was inspired to start the NFT Girl Gang and connect the “womxn in Web3”. Her goal is to onboard “one million womxn in Web3.”

NFT Girl Gang

The NFT Girl Gang (NFTGG) is, first and foremost, a community. The NFTGG builds tools that support an ecosystem where members can easily organize, connect, and create a space together. (Visit their website and join their Discord server to keep up with their community and the projects that keep them busy. )

Their entire experience is one of inclusion and genuine support for one another. Their Discord community has many different sections to jump into, including “meetups,” “baddies follow baddies,” and “project opportunities,” just to name a few. Newcomers and seasoned Web3 people alike are all welcome to join.

The opportunity to connect with other women in Web3 is a big deal. Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and NFTs can be confusing and intimidating for those new in the space, and the NFTGG community looks out for one another. For example, a recent post went up in the community warning members of a fake Kitty Grier account on Instagram. Fake accounts pop up all over the internet, and educating people about them is essential.

Grier is approachable and friendly. Her enthusiasm for Web3 and the NFT world is infectious. She has a gravitational pull about her, and the NFT Girl Gang community constantly looks to her for a glimpse of the future.

Kitty Grier’s authority in Web3 is getting her attention. She served as a speaker at Miami NFT Week earlier this year. She also joined a panel discussion on the growth and potential of NFTs at The North American Bitcoin Conference back in January.

The Future of NFTGG

What’s clear is that Grier is just getting started. Her all-inclusive community will continue to grow and be shaped by its members. More baddies will join and help other baddies learn about Web3, get jobs in Web3, and grow the industry together.

As more people join forces, their impact will be undeniable.

Kitty Grier has built a kickass community with the NFT Girl Gang, and its members will soon be kicking down digital doors all across the DeFi industry.


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