Kamp: Startup Events Made Dope

And what better location than Wynwood? Wynwood is an eclectic district in the urban core of Miami, loaded with art galleries, retail stores, antique shops, funky bars, artisanal eateries, and one of the largest open-air street-art installations in the world.

Another exciting space in Wynwood is The Lab, Miami’s original co-working community founded in 2012. Some of the brightest and most forward-thinking entrepreneurial minds have converged there to share their ideas and learn from one another at events such as Day Kamp.

Take a Visit to Day Kamp

Phil Castro is the founder of Kamp, which organizes meetups – known as Day Kamp – for aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage founders, designed to connect and inform. Participants receive the tools, mentorship, and resources to help them grow at warp speed. Day Kamp events are open to the public, and tickets are available for purchase.

Kamp also hosts corporate events where attendees are limited to employees of the sponsoring company. Kamp provides impressive guest speakers and creates engaging workshops for companies of all sizes.

Whether they are helping a specific corporation or opening their doors to anyone interested in attending, Kamp focuses on three main areas of engagement:

Education – Learn early-stage fundamentals regarding entrepreneurship, startups, and venture capital.

Opportunity – Immediately improve a startup organization and have the chance to pitch real-life investors.

Network – Meet other entrepreneurs, investors, and highly established professionals.

Ready to Go Kamping?

Kamp is known to throw the dopest startup events across the nation. They’ve helped over 5,000 founders and boast 400 testimonials. It’s easy to see why there’s so much buzz around their events.

The company is hosting a Day Kamp on April 23rd that is designed to be a whole-day experience for founders. The theme for April is “The Future: Web3, Crypto NFTs” and will include panels, presentations, networking, investor pitches, happy hour, and a VIP dinner.

A few special guests to this event include:

Dr. Gabby Pelicci – Director of Communications at Blockster

With a degree in Educational Technology from Columbia University and advanced training in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain from Wharton, UPenn, Dr. Gabby is someone you’ll want to meet. She is also the Let’s Go Crypto Club founder and hosts bi-monthly zoom calls about cryptocurrency.

Michelle Abbs – VP Community at Metagood

Michelle Abbs was featured in Forbes as a top Woman in NFTs and named one of the Top 16 Most Influential Women in NFTs. She is a founder of Web3 Equity Women and Web3 Miami. She is a Web3 Community Builder Monkey Biz at Metagood.

Monica Rojas – Head of Community at Upstream

Upstream makes it simple to launch a DAO on the blockchain. Rojas is a former startup founder who now dedicates her time to developing a community in Web3.

With a power-packed guest list like this, anyone interested in Web3, NFTs, or cryptocurrency will be inspired and empowered to create their dream projects.

Grab your spot today with code “blockster” for 15% off all seats.

Want to learn more about super cool web3 and NFT projects in Miami?

Here are two of our favorites:

Web3 Equity – A New NFT Collection Launch – This NFT collection embodies the Miami spirit! These NFTs feature bright beautiful colors and splashy backgrounds you won’t want to miss.

Women Who Defy – A women-led business with killer analytics and stellar community.

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