Justin Sun Unveils $1Million NFT Fund

Not only did crypto prices skyrocket to entirely new heights, but the DeFi boom continued, and let’s not forget the fact that crypto got another massive, parallel trend in the NFT sector.

In fact, NFTs continued to explode even over the past several weeks while the prices were crashing. And, from what I have seen, I believe it is only going to get bigger in months to follow. New NFT-related events are continuously emerging, such as Justin Sun’s fund for top-notch NFT art.

Who is Justin Sun?

Most people in crypto know of Sun as the creator and CEO of TRON (TRX), but also like a bit of a showman who likes to hype things on Twitter a little bit, and I would be lying if I said that this did not get him in trouble a few times. There are many who still remember some of the biggest controversies when Sun hyped something up only to eventually back out for one reason or another.

However, his involvement with the NFT has managed to remain controversy free so far. TRON’s founder has developed a major interest in the emerging NFT sector, and he even created the so-called JUST NFT Fund for artwork, with the condition being that the artwork in question needs to be worth at least $1 million.

The Fund

While the $1 million price tag is the lowest the fund is willing to accept, Sun revealed that the fund would seek to work with a median value of $10 million. The first work was with the Ocean Front NFT artwork by Beeple, which Sun bought in late March for $6 million. This was only days before the fund was announced.

Essentially, his vision for JUST NFT Fund is to turn it into the ARK Funds of the NFT sector and introduce world-class artwork to blockchain technology.

Do you support Sun’s new NFT Fund idea?

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