Is It Possible To Earn Free Bitcoin Today? A Complete Investigation

Unfortunately, this era is behind us, and there is no more free Bitcoin distribution — if someone offers you that, 100% sure it’s a scam. However, it is possible to collect Satoshis, small fractions of Bitcoin, without spending money.

Bitcoin – The Early Era

In the early life of Bitcoin, it was possible to mine with a single processor, using a CPU. However, mining competition increased with the advent of video card use, the GPUs. By the way, this technique’s inventor was Laszlo Hanyecz, best known for having bought two pizzas paying 10,000 Bitcoin.

The Faucet 2.0

The faucets began to “professionalize,” using the visitors’ computer as a mining device. In other words, you visited a website, which used your computers’ processing power to mine. It was an easy way to earn some Bitcoin for those who didn’t know how to code.

These tools still exist today, but given the increased difficulty of Bitcoin mining, most opted for altcoins, whose algorithm still allows the use of CPUs.

We do not recommend any of these services because of the security risk. Those faucets usually require way too many permissions from web browsers.

Mining for Amateurs

There is some hassle-free and secure software available to mine using a computer, with absolutely no need for coding. We will highlight below the three most used.

HoneyMiner: available for Windows and Mac, mining multiple coins using CPU and/or GPU.

NiceHash: available for Windows, Mac and Linux, allowing easy configuration for both CPU and GPU mining.

Cudo Miner: available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, giving more configuration options; also enables CPU and/or GPU mining.

We must remind you that any mining uses a lot of computer resources, resulting in a higher energy bill. There is no free money in mining, so beware of suspicious offers.

Bitcoin and Airbnb

It is possible to use Airbnb, HomeAway, or to offer a room or even your entire property and convert the profit into Bitcoin. Cryptocribs is a similar marketplace, with the difference that it works directly with Satoshis.

Costs and risks in this type of project should be carefully evaluated. However, it is a viable option for those who have free space to rent.

Answering Surveys

Some companies are looking for volunteers to post videos, Instagram content, or answer surveys. and platforms offer Bitcoin rewards for multiple small online tasks.

Whoever opts for this strategy should keep antivirus and antimalware updated on the machine to avoid any malicious attack.

Freelance Work

Although it is more common to use established platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork, those who want to receive payments directly in Bitcoin for remote jobs can opt for It is possible to offer online marketing services, video editing, translation, coding, and much more.

Although more laborious, it is undoubtedly the most effective strategy. Working as a freelancer can be highly profitable, and there are options for different segments.

Loyalty Programs

Imagine receiving 4% in Bitcoin for purchases made on a VISA Card? Coinbase and Binance rewards platforms offer crypto cashback. Coinbase Card, for example, is currently available in multiple countries, including U.S.A., Italy, France, Portugal, UK, Sweden, Spain, Austria, and has no annual or sign-up fee. Coinbase allows users to hold cryptos using the regular funding wallet and automatically sell those to cover cards’ expenses.

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