Is Anonymous Actually Targeting Elon Musk For "Destroying Lives" With Crypto Tweets?

Musk is Divisive

However, Musk has made several strange moves that have started causing a lot of anger among the people outside of his immediate fan base. For example, many would say that Tesla significantly weakened the crypto industry by announcing that it will stop accepting BTC payments. Whether or not this is true is debatable, but the fact is that the market crash started immediately after this announcement.

Meanwhile, Musk’s DOGE pumping on Twitter encouraged many to blindly invest in Dogecoin, and when its own price crashed, people reported being financially ruined. This kind of behavior now brought Musk into trouble — not with the law or the government, but with Anonymous — the infamous group of hackers/hacktivists who have been fighting against corruption, lies, and misuse of power in their own, unique way, for years now.

We Are Legion

According to a video that emerged online, and was since shared by the Daily Mail, multiple major Twitter personalities, YouTubers, and others, it appears that Anonymous have threatened Musk due to his irresponsible behavior on Twitter which, according to them, is destroying people’s lives.

Anonymous have also spoken about multiple other sensitive topics regarding Musk and his companies, including Tesla’s alleged dependence on government subsidies, sending people to Mars to die there, the so-called ‘blood-batteries,’ and more.

The video also goes on to describe Musk as ‘just another attention-seeking narcissistic rich dude.’

Of course, some might say that going after the man who was briefly the world’s richest person earlier this year might seem a bit overly optimistic and ambitious. But, Anonymous have been known to take up challenges for over a decade now.

In 2012, they were the world’s most influential people, they supported anti-government protests during the Arab Spring, they conducted DDoS attacks against PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa after they blocked payments to WikiLeaks, and they even hit Sony and North Korean government websites.

As for Musk, he never gave an official response to the threat. However, he did post a cryptic tweet that stands out in comparison to the rest he has posted, saying simply “Don’t kill what you hate, Save what you love.”

Do you support Anonymous’ efforts to stop Musk from playing around with crypto?

  • Yes, Musk has crossed the line by using his influence to have fun on other people’s expenses
  • No, they are hackers and criminals
  • Yes, while their methods are questionable, their goals are just
  • No, it’s the investors’ fault for listening to other people’s advice
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