Interoperability Across The Metaverse With GuildFI

It also bridges traditional gaming experiences–like online multiplayer games or trading card games–with new digital assets and industries such as crypto exchanges and decentralized applications (dapps) in the growing metaverse.

The concept of creating guilds in the crypto space was born out of play to earn games such as Axie Infinity and Pegaxy. The problem is that the new play to earn phenomena creates silos for players. One can’t move from one game to another and seamlessly take along their gaming assets.

The Metaverse Needs Interoperability For Mass Adoption

Guildfi helps players monetize and share game assets, while it ensures that virtual items are safe. Additionally, gaming guild platforms have popularized the idea of “scholarships”, which lets players borrow assets from the guild in order to take part in the play to earn mechanics of specific games. In return for their effort, players earn a share of the revenue they generate, and the rest is split between other guild participants. These platforms not only provide a way for NFT holders to put their unused assets to work, but they also unlock an additional revenue stream for players (known as scholars), who can now earn real-world revenue just by playing the games they love.

Being Priced Out

The market capitalization for crypto gaming projects has seen a meteoric growth in recent months. Games like Decentraland, Sandbox, and Gala have seen their market capitalization skyrocket past the $1 billion mark. The most popular games are experiencing massive increases in player count, with Axie Infinity recently crossing over 2 million daily active users (DAU).

The problem is that not all games are experiencing the same level of growth. Why? Because, many current games require users to invest in the game by purchasing tokens or NFTs, with some asking players to spend even more money on top of that, pricing out many prospective players.

This is Where Guildfi Shines

GuildFi refers to the platforms that serve as infrastructure for gaming guilds. The future of gaming in the metaverse will be interconnected, and GuildFi will enable this by connecting players with games (and other players), creating more opportunities for collaboration, investment, and sustainability. By establishing this network of connected gamers, guilds can thrive without being dependent on the whims of any single company.

Guildfi is a true ecosystem with many components, which include:

  • GuildFi ID: GuildFi ID is a Metaverse player-tracking system that rewards players with engagement points and ranking.
  • Game Discovery: Discovery helps players and game developers to discover each other. It’s similar to an online classified ad that helps developers find the perfect audience for launch day.
  • Proof-of-Play Rewards: These rewards enable players to earn by analyzing their lifetime activity. Rewards can be allocated for NFT campaigns or bonus yields from the Guildfi token.
  • Metadrop Launchpad: Launchpad offers an exclusive NFT and token deal for players that want to venture into blockchain gaming. The allocation is established by player rank, offering each level its own set of tokens.
  • GameFi Tools: These tools enhance players’ performance by providing gaming tools that facilitate their scholarship management, daily SLP shares, PvP simulation, team status and card exploration.
  • Scholarship Portal: GuildFi offers scholarship programs that are designed to attract new players and reduce the barrier of entry for games. This makes it easy for anyone in any country to participate in, unlocking the opportunity for people worldwide.

This new paradigm for gaming is still in its infancy and has a lot of room to grow. But no matter where you are in your GameFi journey, you can set up a GuildFi ID, start tracking your achievement across the Metaverse, discover curated games, access gaming tools, and receive guild scholarships.

As crypto gaming continues to grow, platforms that facilitate interoperability across multiple games will experience significant growth as they continue to join together the many pieces of the metaverse.

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