Inside Look Into A Leading NFT Creative Agency

Meet the Creative Duo Behind Some of the Biggest Music Acts Like Chainsmokers and Coldplay — Who Are Now Fully Embracing Web3

It’s an interesting time to be connecting with people from the NFT world. The marketplace has been steadily falling since the start of the year, and today Opensea, the largest and most prominent NFT marketplace, has announced that it would be cutting down 20% of its staff — further shooting shockwaves through crypto.

While the NFT market hit its peak high in January with $16.6 billion in monthly trading volume, according to the Block, it’s down to $1 billion as of June. The values of some of the most notoriously expensive NFTs like the Bored Ape Yacht Club BAYC have fallen 47% just alone in the last week.

It makes you wonder how the creatives behind some of the most expensive NFTs are doing right now?

A while back, I recall coming across a digital wearable NFT project called Overpriced. who’s known for creating and selling a $26,000 digital wearable NFT hoodie. I recently connected with the team, because I wanted to get the scoop on what’s happening in the world of fashion and digital wearables, as well as see what’s trending with NFTs.

Overpriced. NFT

To my surprise, when I connected with the team, I also discovered that the team not only specializes in digital wearables, but they’re actually pioneers in Web3, providing an entire suite of creative services to some of the biggest names in the world.

Chainsmokers, Coldplay… or big athletes like Alex Ovechkin. These guys are the real deal! I realized I stumbled upon the creme de la creme creative agency, Impossible Brief, which also happens to be specializing in NFTs.

So again, given the state of the market, it makes it that much more intriguing to know what these guys are up to right now. How are they dealing with the market crash? And where are they channeling their creative energy?

As it turns out, they’re busier then ever! It’s funny how I’ve come across so many people in the recent weeks which always seem to give that same positive, upbeat response — staying optimistic, knowing that this down period is only temporary.

“As insiders at the core of the NFT creative scene and as NFT buyers ourselves, we know that NFTs are here to stay.

The use cases of NFTs as a marketing & fan engagement platform have already proven themselves out, and the incentive structures for buyers and sellers to transact remains strong.”

Impossible Brief, Co-Founders James Zwadlo and Chris Levett

And more so, I’ve been hearing lots of talk about sports collectibles being the next big thing in NFTs. If you visit the Impossible Brief website, you’ll discover all kinds of collaborative NFT collections with major athletes.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to two very talented people, James Zwadlo and Chris Levett — the duo behind Impossible Brief which has been pioneering in the Web3 space, and has an impeccable sense for picking up on the next big trends.

Check out our interview to learn more about their work and the world of NFTs.

Please introduce yourselves and your creative agency, Impossible Brief. Why did you team up?

James and Chris have been friends for years, having met through online gaming. James came from a 2D and 3D digital art background while Chris came from a design and branding background, with both of them working for the very best British agencies in their respective fields for many years. 

However, that all changed in 2015, when fan art posted by James on his Instagram caught the attention of EDM duo ”The Chainsmokers” near the beginning of their meteoric rise to global stardom.

Impossible Brief, NFT Creative Agency

Having made his impression, James found himself needing a lot more help to keep up with the unfolding demand for more work on behalf of the Chainsmokers. He called upon Chris to join forces and form the company we now know as Impossible Brief. 

The story of how this name came to be derived from some of James and Chris’ wildest client experiences. That is, where creative briefs that seemed impossible could be accomplished by virtue of the grit, determination and creative magic that James and Chris had shown in practicing their craft over the years. 

Your portfolio is incredible. Not just the NFTs, but your photography and album covers are truly unique. They have this surreal, trippy look and feel. It’s no wonder that you work with some of the biggest names in the world, like Coldplay. Tell us about your style and creative process.

One quick search on Impossible Brief and you’ll notice the word “multidisciplinary” posted everywhere. We live up to this word, with industry leading talent that extends from 3D generalists, 2D illustrators, graphic designers, creative directors and so on.

We hope our work speaks for itself, whether it’s a branding job, photography shoot or 3D NFT art. Impossible Brief’s broad array of talent has something for nearly everyone. 

Impossible Brief, NFT Creative Agency
I noticed on your website, you have a few striking collections with big-name athletes. Lionel Messi, Alex Ovechkin, Fernando Tatis Jr, Phil Ivey… Are sports NFT collectibles the next big thing in the world of NFTs?

With Impossible Brief being a key pioneer in the sports NFT market from early last year, we can confidently say that sports and blockchain are a great match that we’ll be seeing more of for years, and even decades, to come.

Whether it’s NFT match day ticketing, top player and club logo IP being transformed into NFT collectibles or NFT airdrops to loyal team fans; there is certainly plenty of reason to be excited about the intersection of sports and blockchain tech.

We are always pushing our clients to be accessible in their NFT pricing structure too. This is so that the fans can reach and experience the benefits of Web3 as we aim to be part of the solution evolve this market and burning more people in.

NFTs should not just be for the ETH experts or crypto whales, by encouraging low prices and through initiatives like credit card fiat on-ramps, we really see the sports NFT market going forward in a positive direction.

This latest market crash, what are your thoughts about it? Should people buy NFTs right now?

Yes, people should be buying NFTs now, not because we want our NFT art buyers to ‘buy the dip,’ or for any other financial reason, but because there are new NFT use cases and initiatives being released everyday.

Go out and really explore what this space has to offer, because even by being part of experimenting with how metamask and NFTs work, you are still an early pioneer of the Web3 landscape. Buying and selling digital art ‘just for the art’ is a solid non-financial way you can contribute to the NFT revolution.

Where are you putting your focus right now? Has business gotten slower for you?

Impossible Brief is not fazed in the slightest even in the face of the current bearish market sentiment we see on the markets. As insiders at the core of the NFT creative scene and as NFT buyers ourselves, we know that NFTs are here to stay.

The use cases of NFTs as a marketing & fan engagement platform have already proven themselves out and the incentive structures for buyers and sellers to transact remains strong.

We think the emergence of NFTs as a key digital nexus where creators and brands can connect with their followers is a beautiful innovation that we are so privileged to be a part of by connecting these parties through the medium of art.

One of the reasons I had originally reached out to you is because I was intrigued by your digital wearable collection, Overpriced. What inspired you to create such an expensive collection?

The Overpriced. project was and continues to be a commentary on the madness of money meeting digital art. We set the “First Edition” 1/1 NFT cost so high because we knew the true value of what this brand signifies and where it’s going.

Overpriced NFT, digital wearable

In fact, very soon, the general public will be able to see why our brand revolves around a duality between “Fuck you money” and “Fuck your money,” a shopfront where whales and everyday NFT community members can swim together and purchase a part of a collection of ultra-rare NFT hoodies than can be worn IRL and shown off as NFTs in the emerging Web3 landscape. A new collection will be coming soon!

As serial entrepreneurs and networkers, our founders love to breach out by meeting new people and taking on new business initiatives. This practice has allowed us to keenly pick up on trends as they emerge, often with people we’ve met during our career who also share a passion for disruption and pioneering the “next big thing.”

Anything else you want to share with the community?

We’d like to thank the Blockster community for listening to our insight. We hope to be a regular fixture on the Blockster feed with even deeper potential collaborations between Blockster and the Impossible Brief crew as we continue to grow our presence in the Web3 community!

Closing Thoughts

Thanks Impossible Brief for connecting with Blockster and sharing insights about your creative world. Yes! We’re definitely considering a collaboration with you in the near future — the Blockster digital wearable members-only collection.

We’ll share more on that very soon. Stay tuned!

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