How to Earn Money Shitposting and Making Memes

Shitposting can be described as posting off-topic comments to deliberately derail a discussion in a forum or newsgroup. But shitposting can be in the form of a meme that passes a message across, albeit in a funny way.

These days, one cannot spend time on social media without encountering hilarious and funny memes. The world of memes and shitposting is also growing wider by the day.

However, creating and posting memes is gradually becoming a booming business, as some sites can pay you if you send a hilarious one. Yes, that’s right.

Memes can have a big influence on different discussions. They may seem silly, but behind their silliness, they can pass strong messages. They can also be incredibly sophisticated forms of digital propaganda, despite their simple appearance.

This explains why they are not only used by individuals but corporations as well as governments as elements in foreign influence campaigns.

Earning money via meme Apps

Some apps like MemeChat pay you to make memes. So, if you think you are hilarious enough and know how to express it in memes, you can be making some cool cash while having fun.

Memechat has a feed that has only pure quality memes posted by people they pay. The feed has different categories such as Noobie, Shitpost, Politics, and news. It means you can browse meme categories based on your interest.

The app also has a competition for meme posters. It has a leaderboard for all posters, with the most ranked member placed at the top of the page.

There are other apps with similar features and offerings as MemeChat. They allow you to make memes from their app without requiring any additional software or app. They also provide different editing tools so you can add stickers, images, and text to your meme and present it the way you want.

Most of these platforms are designed strictly for memes, which makes them also suitable for people who are not very experienced in meme-making. There are several other competitions available for users who are creating quality memes on platforms.

But generally, everyone has an opportunity to earn money on such platforms even when they are not experienced enough. As long as their meme is approved by the platform, they will be paid for their effort. The regular contest is also another way of earning money on the meme Apps.

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