How To Create And Sell Your Own NFT

NFTs have become a popular way people interact with creative objects on the internet. What makes NFTs very important is that it has changed the way we interact with art. It ushered in new ways to experience art and own creative work. Furthermore, it is going to be an important catalyst for the next evolution of blockchain.

How NFTs Became Mainstream

Major Art galleries and auction houses have recognized NFTs. Christies and Bonhams are beginning to interact with the NFT community. In fact, NFTs became mainstream when Christies sold Mike Winkelmann’s “Everydays: The first 5000 days” for a whopping $69 million.

Making Winkelmann A.K.A Beeple one of the most expensive living artists today. NFTs also caught institutional attention. Celebrities and brands are now creating and collecting NFTs. One of the most typical examples of brands that have joined is Coca-Cola. All these interactions have created that buzz for NFTs, and everyone wants a piece of the action.

So, who can create NFTs? Where can it be created? And how can it be exchanged? This article will be answering these questions.

Where to create NFTs

NFTs are minted by the blockchain to keep them unique. Many Defi projects are launched in different blockchains to cater to NFT needs. But Ethereum blockchain is the most popular of them all. Two of the most popular Marketplaces for NFTs are OpenSea and Raribles. We will concentrate on OpenSea for this article.

A Place to Begin

To create an NFT you need a crypto wallet that supports NFTs. One of the easiest to set up is MetaMask, and it is built for the Ethereum blockchain. You can download MetaMask as an extension for your Google Chrome browser. It is easier to set up. When it’s done,

  • 1. Set up your MetaMask
  • 2. Fund your MetaMask wallet
  • 3. Connect it to a marketplace (OpenSea, Rarible).

OpenSea Marketplace

When you log into the open sea marketplace. Follow the instructions that come up after you click create an account on the right side of the website. You will be asked to choose a wallet. MetaMask will be the first option. You will be presented with other options like Wallet connect, Trust wallet, etc. Choose MetaMask and you will be asked to download and add the MetaMask extension to your desktop. Accept and proceed to the MetaMask Setup.

The MetaMask Setup

  • Skip help us improve MetaMask
  • Create password
  • Skip tutorial video
  • Reveal seed phrase
  • Copy and write seed phrase down
  • Confirm seed phrase by filling it in the box
  • Click all done
  • Connect account with MetaMask

It’s as easy as this. You don’t have to have foreknowledge of crypto or NFT to register and follow through these settings. Note that the seed phase is now called the “Secret recovery phrase”.

Follow the OpenSea Steps

You can now upload your digital collectible to your OpenSea page. Name it. Add the collection. Add the description and some other details provided in the boxes you feel are important.

You can also add your website or page that shows your entire work profile outside of OpenSea. This will help those interacting with your works on OpenSea to understand your body of work.

You can also decide to skip this part, but it’s advisable you do that because it increases your chances of selling. There is also an option to add unlockable content – only accessible to special kinds of clients. After that is done, you can proceed to selling your NFT.

Selling your NFT

You will be notified to sign the NFT with your MetaMask. This signing is to verify that the MetaMask wallet connected to OpenSea belongs to you. Once this is done, your artwork can go live. The price of your first NFT can be verified. It is sometimes advisable to mint during weekends to avoid the high cost of gas fees.

Share on social media so people can get to know and see your NFT. You can also join Telegram and discord NFT groups and share your creations. This is the basic way to begin. Have fun.

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