How Much HODLing 5 Coins From 2016 Would Have Made You Today

However, this changed over time and in 2021, we have seen growing adoption of crypto from the most unlikely institutions such as Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan. Various countries have also embraced crypto, with El Salvador taking the lead by adopting Bitcoin as legal tender.

Because of how the financial environment has changed its stance on cryptocurrencies, we have witnessed a crypto boom this year, which has created great returns for investors who invested early.

Returns from HODLing 5 Coins from 2016

How much would you have made if you had bought in 2016 and HODLed since then?


Those who ventured into the crypto market in 2016 would likely have purchased Bitcoin because it was the most popular cryptocurrency at the time. In 2016, the price of one Bitcoin was around $400. If a small-scale investor bought only one Bitcoin at the time and HODLed until now, when the price is around $30,000, their investment would have increased substantially.

The returns would even be higher if the investor sold Bitcoin in April when it peaked at around $63,000. Minimum profit – $29,600 on a $400 investment.


If the same investor added ETH to their portfolio in 2016, an HODLed until now, the returns would be even more outstanding. In 2016, one ETH traded at around $7. At the time of writing, ETH is trading at around $1800; hence the ROI from this investment would be massive. Given that ETH was quite affordable at the time and the investor bought around 100 ETH for only $700, his ETH holdings would be worth $180,000 now. Minimum profit – $1793 on a $7 investment.


In 2016, Litecoin was trading at around $2, and this low price made it a viable investment for those who did not have much capital to invest in crypto. If an investor added Litecoin to his portfolio and HODLed until now, when the price is over $100, their returns would also be great. Minimum profit – $98 on a $2 investment.


The other altcoin that boomed back in 2016 was Monero. Like most cryptocurrencies in 2016, Monero was relatively cheap at the time and traded at around $10. Monero is currently worth more than $180. Those who bought 100 Monero coins at only $1000 and HODLed until now have an investment worth $18,000. Minimum profit – $170 on a $10 investment.

Ethereum Classic

Another leading cryptocurrency back in 2016 was Ethereum Classic. At the time, ETC traded at around $1. Its value in 2021 has grown to reach over $40, and those who HODLed are also in a highly profitable zone. Minimum profit – $39 on a $1 investment.

However, despite these currencies shooting up in value over the years, they have also experienced ups and downs. HODLers have withstood the test of time, and if they continued to HODL for the long term, the price growth could be even higher. It is also worth mentioning that crypto investors should carefully pick coins to HODL, many tokens from 2016 have become valueless or obsolete during the same time that the coins above surged.

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