Hollywood Producer Adhrucia Apana Is At The Forefront of Web3 Film

Hollywood Producer Adhrucia Apana Discusses Web3 Film

Web3 is transforming traditional Hollywood storytelling, and Emmy-nominated filmmaker Adhrucia Apana is at the forefront of the revolution.

“I have always been an artist who believes in the artist economy and believes in building business practices around it that allow artists to create with more freedom,” shares Adhrucia, the Founder of Curiosity Entertainment.

As a storyteller in music, film and television, she believes art is one of the ways to execute change on a global scale. Adhrucia, who is also a member of FutureShape360, calls storytelling her love language, and believes Web3 technology will revolutionize opportunities for storytellers globally in the next couple of years.

Adhrucia Apana is a member of FutureShape360 #FS360, a Web3 Collective

When NFT technology began to hit popular culture, she was already immersed in Web3 and was working to understand how this new technology could integrate in Hollywood. With the concepts of fractionalized ownership and IP for traditional film and television, Adhrucia saw basic hiccups around ownership.

With her background in knowing how production and finance contracts work in Hollywood, she has been in a unique position to find solutions around bringing Web3 into the entertainment industry.

With cross-collaboration of two different industries like Web3 and Hollywood, Adhrucia found that language is a huge barrier to entry, which is why she has made it her mission to go to both traditional film and television creators and to Web3 creators to explain how these industries can work together.

What excites Adhrucia the most about Web3 is what it offers fans.

“The idea of fandom and loyalty and finally rewarding the people who build our brands and lift us up and who have always been such an important part of the creative process, but who we’ve never really found a seamless way to thank, integrate, and to reward.”

Adhrucia Apana, Founder of Curiosity Entertainment

Web3 technology ultimately gives democratized access to creators and empowers them to tell their story and organically build an audience on a global scale. “If your goal as an artist is to be a storyteller, there is no greater time to be alive,” Adhrucia shares. 

The most important thing for creators is to know who their audience is, how to find them and how to redeliver products to them that they love. Adhrucia says Web3 will be an incredible gift for independent creators because of supporter loyalty and the audience fandom that can be cultivated and rewarded through ownership and participation. 

For someone who is a storyteller today, they can use blockchain technology to build an audience and get their story told, which is a huge contrast to independent filmmakers and artists who faced (and still face) the problem of competing with big Hollywood production companies.

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To watch Adhrucia’s full interview on The Blockchain Hustler, click the video below.

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