Gumi Cryptos Capital Raises $110M To Back The Best On The Blockchain

gCC’s portfolio is stacked with big-name heavy hitters such as OpenSea, Yield Guild Gaming, and Celsius.

On Wednesday, gCC announced that they were launching a new fund, Fund II, capitalizing on the momentum of the resounding success of their Fund I.

Fund I grew from $21M to $516M in asset value, attaining 24 times the return on capital. This puts the gCC Fund I performance in the top 1% of all venture capital firms.

“As Celsius seeks to bring the next 100 million users into crypto, guidance from partners like Miko Matsumura at gCC has been invaluable. Miko has shown remarkable foresight and insight about the way Web3 is remaking the world, and I look forward to seeing this new fund launch the next generation of companies.”

Celsius CEO Alex Mashinksy

About gumi Cryptos Capital

gumi Cryptos Capital (gCC) is one of the top blockchain-focused venture capital firms. gCC offices are located in Silicon Valley and Japan. These locations put them at a unique advantage: they are perfectly situated to respond to Silicon Valley startup culture and have easy access to all of Asia.

Japan is home to unique intellectual property assets, primarily in the gaming sector, which is growing at a lightning-fast pace.

“With our unique geographic advantage, we can help ambitious projects grow faster.” – Hironao Kunimitsu, Managing Partner at gCC

Cash is King – What Now?

With 36 portfolio companies, gCC Fund I has already backed several of the leading entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry. gCC Fund II will target 50 exceptional global startups at the earliest stages in Infrastructure, Developer Tools, Gaming, DeFi, Metaverse, DAOs, and Web3 Applications. Fund II expects to commit between $500,000 to $5 million per investment, through both initial and follow-on rounds. Fund II will invest in both equity and tokens.

The Rise of the Experimental Age

Miko Matsumura, gCC Managing Partner, painted a vivid picture with his description of the Experimental Age:

“We live in the Experimental Age. The existing institutions and infrastructure, including social infrastructure, governance, financial services, and big tech, are demonstrably failing us. Because the way forward is unknown, there’s a strong appetite for experimentation.”

He describes crypto tokens as a monetary experiment that can power Web3: DAOs and guilds are an experiment in governance; NFTs are an experiment in digital assets; and the metaverse is a “collection of experimental realities.”

A world-class team has been assembled, and portfolio leadership teams will have access to gCC’s exceptional global network. What a thrilling time for those of us living in the age of blockchain, watching these companies ascend, offer mutual support to each other, and drive industry-wide innovation. With this latest announcement, it’s clear that gCC is laser-focused on elevating the finest in the blockchain space.

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