Guild Of Guardians – A New Blockchain Game Going To ICO

With the recent push to the metaverse, these blockchain games and experiences have gained traction, as major corporations such as Microsoft and Facebook (now known as Meta) have also placed their bets on the concept.


However, Guild of Guardians is not a newcomer to this market. The game has been in heavy development since earlier this year, with two major companies collaborating on its creation. Stepico, a Ukrainian gaming developer that has previously worked with Universal and Amazon, produced more than 25 titles in its 7-year history. Immutable is the second company that will serve as the foundation for all NFT minting in the game.

According to Derek Lau, the game director, its goal is to transform the play-to-earn concept into a play-and-earn paradigm, where players can earn money while enjoying an enjoyable AAA game experience.

Elements of Blockchain

But what distinguishes Guild of Guardians is the play-to-earn concept that the game promotes, as well as elements of its world that are NFT’s. The game’s developers proposed this from the beginning, knowing that it would allow users to trade these elements in the network and sell them to other players as well.

To better support the thriving ecosystem that the game will power when it launches, the game will use ImmutableX, a second layer expansion technology in the Ethereum blockchain that allows platform players to easily move their NFTs while paying fewer fees.

The Guild of Guardians team decided to host their token offering in CoinList, a well-known launchpad exchange for these offerings. The ICO was a success, with the tokens sold out, as Lau announced on social media. Of course, this was not surprising given that the team launched Wave 3 of its NFT drops on the same day, selling all 200K NFTs in a single day.

Moreover, Guild Of Guardians has already demonstrated its ability to pique the interest of future players by selling more than $2 million in its first NFT sale, dubbed “Founders.” The auction included several heroes, pets, and guilds of varying rarity, with prices ranging from $200 to $100,000.

The team is currently testing the game and plans to release a fully playable version in 2022. However, the game’s developers hope to have a playable beta version ready before the game’s official release.

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