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Whether we are talking about developers, entrepreneurs, traders/investors, or otherwise, there are plenty of remarkable individuals who were attracted by the opportunities offered by the crypto world. One of Blockster’s goals is to introduce its users to these cool people from our industry and let you learn more about them by telling their stories. The tales of success in the crypto sector can be quite incredible, and we find that telling them can help inspire people to pursue their own dreams and goals, and perhaps become just as big someday.

With that said, today, we would like to tell you about Andrés Soltermann, who co-founded, and whose story is more than worth hearing.

Andrés Soltermann and

Andrés Soltermann is a young but very talented entrepreneur from Switzerland who has a background in marketing. However, over the last few years, as the cryptocurrency industry started blowing up, he developed a strong interest, becoming a trader, investor, and as of the last two years, a major DeFi enthusiast.

Recognizing the possibilities that DeFi brings, not only in earning money but also when it comes to empowering people — including those who were left behind by traditional banks — he co-founded with the goal of making DeFi accessible for everyone., specifically, is there to serve as “the land of bees and honey,” or a place where anyone and everyone can engage in liquidity mining and earn passive income in exchange for supporting the project by locking up some of their coins.

The company is headquartered in Switzerland, and it aims to be the Hub of Liquidity Mining. Its primary goal is to make liquidity mining easier and more profitable than ever before, even during the bear market, which is typically the period when most traders tend to withdraw from engaging in crypto activities in fear of having their coins devalued.

However, aims to provide a service where the benefits of Liquidity Mining will never stop, even during the harshest conditions, and where people from anywhere in the world can invest with a single click, and earn optimized returns in a safe and the most profitable way.

During a recent interview with Blockster, Soltermann was quite eager to share his story with us and answer our questions regarding his journey through the crypto world. The first thing we wanted to know was how he got into the crypto industry, and how did his company see its launch.

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What is DeFi crypto and how to use it for profits / Andrés Soltermann

How did it all start?

According to him, he has only been into DeFi for about a year now, originally getting introduced to it in November 2020. He was encouraged to explore DeFi after receiving an airdrop from Uniswap, which inspired him to try it out. Unfortunately, his first experience was a loss, which made him doubt the entire system, but fortunately, he decided to give it a second chance.

Knowing what to expect and how to prepare now, he approached DeFi a bit more carefully, which resulted in a more positive experience, and the eventual launch of the DeFi-dedicated company.

Of course, DeFi is still in its early ages — Soltermann believes that the current state of DeFi matches the state of Bitcoin from 2014. He explained that by that, he means that there is still a lot of skepticism among the community and that DeFi is still being questioned, whether or not it works, and alike.

However, the situation regarding Bitcoin became much clearer fairly soon, and he expects the same to happen with DeFi. As he pointed out, it is now very easy to buy Bitcoin in Switzerland, even if one chooses to do it through their bank. There are also plenty of great exchanges, and the DeFi sector is beginning to match this.

There are already many great protocols that offer great benefits. The problem, however, is that it is still too difficult to get into DeFi, as it remains inaccessible to those who aren’t already deeply familiar with it. This can lead to frustration as well as fear, as Soltermann noted, which are the feelings that he and his company wish to remove from DeFi.

In order to do it, his company is working closely with the regulators in order to launch a licensed, regulated financial product in DeFi. Thanks to the fact that the project is in Switzerland, it does have the advantage over most others in the world, thanks to the close-by Crypto Valley, great partners, and regulators who are quite open-minded and ready to adopt new technologies as long as they are beneficial for the people.

Soltermann also hinted at some future developments, including the plans to launch an ETP in DeFi, which will be one of the first ones in Europe, and certainly the first one in Switzerland itself. Doing so will start bringing in the institutional money, as well, and grant them easy access to DeFi — a sector that they are not experimenting with as of yet.

Who is for?

Soltermann pointed out that his project is meant for pretty much everyone who has an interest in creating a cash flow in the crypto industry, but is not interested in approaching it as a full-time job.

Yield farming takes effort and a lot of attention, where investors have to keep checking the situation in the industry and make moves accordingly. It is the same as trading on a daily basis in that regard, which can be quite exhausting for people who are not really into that kind of thing. offers a somewhat lower yield, but it is also marked by great stability and a lower amount of risk, as these are the kinds of pools that the project is focusing on. So, while the reward is lower, the risk is too, but the stability of it all is greater. As such, it is perfect for someone who wants to invest in something, forget about it, and come back after a month to collect the profits.

Finally, we wanted to know which trends will be dominant in 2022, according to Soltermann. He pointed out that DeFi has been progressing through trends of its own, starting with lending/borrowing, followed by DEXes, aggregators, and alike. He now sees the new form of consensus mechanism that is slowly starting to take over as a trend.

For the moment, people can now only take out loans if they have money to begin with, but what if someone needed a loan without having anything to put on the line in order to reach it? In traditional finance, one can just go to the bank and get a loan, provided that the bank’s assessment says that doing so is safe for the bank’s interest.

However, the situation is different in crypto, where one cannot get a loan without first leveraging their existing tokens. Soltermann believes that some reputation-based system will be emerging next in DeFi, where it will become easier for people to raise money even if they don’t have collateral to put on the line to match the amount they are raising.

Alongside the Proof of Reputation, he also believes that insurance will also become very big very quickly, and, of course, GameFi. For now, he says that the sector is still filled with a lot of different projects, as well as a lot of trash, as everyone is still experimenting with ideas, trying to see what works and what does not, and a lot of existing projects will end up crashing at some point, as the sector figures out how to filter the good and the bad. But, the projects that remain will likely go very big after that, and that makes it all the more exciting to get into them early on, for those who can recognize good opportunities right now.

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