Goldman Sachs leads $15M Investment Round for Coin Metrics

Of course, Goldman is not a stranger to crypto, as the bank is generally counted among the first to start approaching the industry some time ago. However, a large investment into a business that focuses on blockchain technology is certainly a nice sight.

According to Coin Metrics’ announcement after the round, Goldman was joined by a number of other contributors, such as Castle Island Ventures, Fidelity Investments, Highland Capital Partners, Communitas Capital, Avon Ventures, Collab+Currency, and others. The contributions will be used for speeding up the firm’s global expansion, and the funding, as the company’s co-founder, Nick Carter, stated, is a huge validation.

Institutional Investment in Crypto

As it is well known, information is the biggest and most important asset that any business can have. It is crucial for crypto adoption by traditional investors and financial services, and Coin Metrics has dedicated its efforts to provide high amounts of high-quality data. This funding round is proof that its efforts are noticed and appreciated by the major players.

Of course, as I said, Goldman is definitely one of them. In fact, the bank has been warming up to a variety of crypto and blockchain firms in the recent past. Just before the round, the bank identified 19 stocks from crypto and blockchain companies that have outperformed SP500 in 2021 to date.

Another thing that I really hope is true is that Goldman Sachs is planning to make BTC and potentially some other cryptocurrencies available to its clients fairly soon. Rumors say that it might even happen in days to come before the second quarter ends. Since we are halfway through it already, the move is, hopefully, not that far off now.

Would you like to see Goldman and other financial giants go crypto?

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